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Well, that was the beauty of the idea... it was meant to be ever expanding with no 'true' ending... sure you could have a couple dozen varying endings, but the idea was that you could come back every few weeks and have entirely new adventures available to try everyone and everyone could contribute their own decisions and idea, and even when it seemed like the only options available were Yes and No, someone creative could drop by and do something completely off the wall and change the story up entirely... but it never really gained a following outside of a few readers...

but now all of a sudden i got half a dozen emails from people saying they want to join up... so... maybe tonight i'll dust off the ol' googledoc files and give it another whirl!

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Whoa! hold up a second, this is MY project! From like... YEARS ago! Why the sudden pop up? o-0

i was wondering why i had two people apply to be writers for it all of a sudden... I really havent thought about it in a long time... if people are still interested in it i may consider reopening the writing process and continuing to make it once again...

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Short vers: It has been many Millennium since Celestia has had a day off to enjoy herself. After giving her sister Luna a bit more free reign she dashes off in disguise to enjoy a day to herself... only for everything to go wrong.

Basically Celestia wants a day off, but can't get away from her duties... she gives many of her duties to Luna, who just wants to have more responsibility before disgusing herself and rushing off, only to bump into Twilight and her friends. When they realize she's gone there's a massive hunt, and she can't slip away to change back, and she doesnt want to admit she snuck away from her duties to have some time off.

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Oh god why... Did Equestria Girls really do well enough to warrant ANOTHER movie? Could we just... like.... have separate teams for this? like have our team work on the Pony-ponies... and another for EQG spinoffs... I just dont want the power of the team being split on something that i wont like...

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The concept is neat.... but after playing it i find it very difficult... It's partiallly that it's more of 'Pattern memory' and less pattern recognition... Meaning that you have to memorize all the bad guys positions as you go along as opposed to seeing an enemy, recognizing the pattern and acting accordingly.

then there are poor hit boxes and enemys that appear out of nowhere... literally i was climbing a ladder on the right and as i reached the top a flying enemy spawned and knocked me off...

The levels are very unforgiving and the checkpoint is much too far away... if nothing else they should add an easier mode where there are more checkpoints and less damage....

I wanted to love this, i really did... but i found myself genuinly upset that i couldnt progress.... and i didnt want to continue....

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Can we just get a daily "Hey, Welovefine added more stuff" thing? i mean... it literally seems like its every day with this...

"Welovefine add another set of shirt! Rejoice!"

"More shirts from WLF, Woo!"

"Yet another set of shirts... This time with Trixie!"

"... They're releasing MORE shirts (Celestia H Christ how do they have this many shirts?) "

"... Guess what? this post is about shirts... guess who... eeeyup."

"Welovefine releases shirts featuring Rainbow Dash!"

"Welovefine releases shirt featuring the Cutie Mark Crusaders!"

"Welovefine releases shirt featuring (insert theme here) "

"Whoops, i mean uh... scratch that last post..."

"I literally JUST put a post about WLF releasing shirts and now they just released ANOTHER BATCH!"

"New report, east coast has been flooded with My Little Pony Tees. WeloveFine is to blame"

Maybe just have a weekly "We Love Fine Shirts" update since we get so many during the week... unless its something big like a sale... or something pants browningly awesome...

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GOD DAMN IT WOMAN! Stop teasing me! We still got like 2 months left! or at least it feels that way, so stop fondling my obsession!

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as creepy and unappealing as this is, I'm sure these will sell pretty well...

I own a small online retail business and i go to the local flea market every weekend in an attempt to gather more business. My wholesale rep managed to convince me to get the Twilight Sparkle EQG dolls, but when i got them i felt like it was a mistake... however, they've quickly become one of my more popular items... I've sold two out of the 9 i bought, and it seems that when little girls walk by they immediately gasp and rush to pick it up and look at it... I dont understand the appeal, but apparently Hasbro knows what they're doing when it come to their toy line...

also, shameless self promotion: business link

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Oh boy, hm... Well... Let's see...probably a CD of some popular songs throughout the years, a couple movies that are timeless, like Batman, maybe MIB. a couple good old video games... Probably a few instruments that require fingers.

But most importantly, NOTHING RELATED TO BRONIES... think of it this way, imagine we make contact with aliens and we're all talking together and they start showing off all the stuff that they've watched us do... Honey Boo Boo fanfics and Miley Cirus fan art... that would be creepy as hell...

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LIES! It's not on my stream...

Although, i dont know if i want to watch it again... i was cringing the entire time watching it on youtube...