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Have faith in yourself
Go to the place of knowing
And be at peace now

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With no electric bill I can retire to the kitchen and create some great Southwest epicurean delights. The kitchen would inspire even the dilettante cooking warrior who fears the best recipe books. But three deep breaths under the stove hood and chef weapons laid out in a "V" formation......its only a short jump to the refrig. and the saliva of creation starts. An over large burrito first with the flower tortilla grilled gently to give it that fired flavor. Then an inch thick fresh tuna marinated in chipotle sauce overnight laid on the grill and simmered on both sides and almost, but not quite cooked through. Then its cooked rice, cooked black beans, fresh kernel corn, some onion and just a dash of cilantro briskly rolled in a wok with a little virgin olive oil until steamy hot. Place this on the flour tortilla and then gently push the tuna on this sumptuous bed. Bend the tortilla ends in as you roll the "goodies" together tightly to keep the flavor in. Wait [ if you can] at least 5 minutes.......then close your eyes for the first bite. Bon Appetit.

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Who cannot love the snow of New Mexico......its like a white spiritual blanket that covers all the recent past, only leaving the present to be enjoyed in a sleigh ride or snow ball fight. The possibilities are endless with new snow - laying the grounding for a new poem, or a spontaneous "snow angel", or a party of home grown "snow cones" with all the flavors of the rainbow. Did you know that snow is really "white laughter" - the levity of New Mexico's favorite, the flute player - Kokopelli. Laugh much and enjoy your time in the snows of New Mexico.......

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Yes, the local artists did tune the home into what could only be termed a "tour de force" for contempory and heart felt creations that trimmed the home to draw you into a moment of reflection for another pulse of New Mexico. The warmth and morden charm of the pieces lets me ponder the possibilities of exploring local art galleries and deepening my appreciation for the local culture and what makes this part of the Southwest so unique. I can only hope that a visit to an old friend, Santa Fe, will open my mind and heart to new adventures and discoveries in art.

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The tile is more than just glass or clay - this tile was placed with the imagination and heart of the artisans. Their comments reflected where they knew the tile would bring out the natural beauty of the space; their care & compassion for the creative Zen in their mosaic patterns just takes my breath away and draws me into their beautiful work like a magnet. When I know what attitude the artist imbues into his/her work it ignites a flame in my mind that wants me to gaze again, and again at their work. Thank you, thank you for such wonderful art from clay & glass.........

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The dream home is an inspiration to the mystic of New Mexico. I have lived in this state of enchantment and have always been in awe of its beauty and mystery. The dream home architecture draws in the landscape as if it were meant to live there, meld in with the earth and blend in a harmony of ecology that exudes peace and joy. The outdoor landscaper knew how the subtle placement of indigenous rock and especially the plants adorning the entrance, plus the metal sculpture would lure anyone into this home to explore its inner mystery. And the open floor plan is New Mexico - its how everyone feels when living here as one becomes open to others, to new ideas, to the spiritual mysteries that abound in the Hispanic and Native American cultures that call this State of mind, home. Certainly a place of enchantment........