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Okay, am I the only one who kept pausing the World of Color video to dissect all that was going on?

Great stuff, Brad. Thanks for sharing your print project workflow - VERY similar to how I work. Guess that means I'm not crazy...

See ya at ECHO.!

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Congrats on the movie, Milan! I was out of town, but the trailer looks great.

I don't know what's up with all the negative comments about Terre Haute are about. Sure, there are things that need changed, but you're either a part of making things better or not.

Thanks for doing the whole weekend, and keep pressing forward...

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Buddypress is actually one of my monsters right now. We're trying out a build for our church and I'm trying to integrate a number of different things. It's sucking away all of my time and brain power. Since it's so new there isn't a great deal of "how-to" stuff out there.

However, it's all very customizable and based on Wordpress. I like BOTH of these. We'll see how the experiment goes...

Hang in there, George! We're all figuring out how to leverage this social networking thing for the Kingdom together...

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Powerful post. May I reek of the Lord in every decision I make today.

Thx Los!

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Ocean's Eleven - not the old one, but the one with Clooney & Pitt

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My passion is to communicate the freedom found ONLY in Christ, and this is the language many are speaking. I want to improve my "vocabulary" by attending this conference, as well as be challenged to reach people in fresh, new ways.

I believe the Church can be culturally relevant by using creativity and new forms of media. I want to be a contributor to this cause, and participate in the future of how God is moving. There is no better message to communicate -- not one.

Please send me to the ECHO Conference, and I will give my best effort to use this as fuel for connecting others to Christ and His Church. Thank you.

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It's a privilege to serve with you at MCC. I'm glad we get to do what we do each week, and it makes it even better that i get to do it with a friend I can trust. Happy 40th!!!

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Annoy - communicating Truth without Love (I'm annoyed even typing it.)
Charm - 2 hour lunch w/ lots of conversation (jazz playing in background as added bonus)

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I grew up as a huge fan of MJ. I remember when he retired. No, not that time... or that one either... I'm talking about the FIRST time...

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iGoogle page - same reason as Justin - my blog - After Effects news & training