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That has to be the ugliest looking sand I have ever seen.

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Omg how stupid are these people?! They took a dog from complete strangers, probably with out asking any questions about the dog and the craigslist add says she doesn't like cats! So why on earth would you bring home a dog to a home that has cats?! And to just leave her right after getting her?! They should have put her in a kennel or bathroom or somewhere safe so she couldn't get into any trouble! They were asking for trouble! I am sorry the mom got bit, but that is what happens when you jump into a fight. I hope she makes a full recovery and it is sooo tragic that poor cat died =( I dont think the pitbull should be put down though, she didn't like cats and the people were warned! Here is the add on craigslist:

"Beautiful one year old female brindle pit bull, she is spayed and up to date on her shots. we are very sad that we have to get rid of her but our house doesn't cover pit bull insurance. She is very friendly with other dogs and kids, but cats are not her thing....lol. She needs a loving family who will spend time with her, she knows her basic commands... sit, lay, down and stay and she is house trained. Please call me if you are serious about Jordan. Please ask to speak to Chrissy"