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I have a Twitter account partly for Lanyrd and partly because I want to prevent anyone else from using the identifier. I would really prefer to use some other identity mechanism though. Identity matters.

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Don't get me wrong, I love Ruby, but... how exactly is Ruby a fast language? Fast compared to what? Molasses? Turtles? Almost any other modern language you compare it to is going to beat it in a fair fight, as long as raw performance is the only thing you're looking at.

I thought the whole point was that we didn't care that Ruby was slow because the stuff we're trying to do with it is IO-bound and therefore the speed doesn't matter as much. I mean, that first sentence just really doesn't make for a good introduction to the rest of the post.

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Regarding the UUID issues, if you're using the latest version of UUIDTools, none of those should apply. It should Just Work.

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True, exec() won't start a child process in the sense you were covering in the post.

I've found it to be incredibly useful however, especially within the context of rake. You can use it to wrap all kinds of operations in a rake command without actually incurring the overhead that would be present if rake were to remain memory resident while the process doing the real work finishes.

I think a lot of newer Ruby programmers are unaware of its existence.

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You forgot about Kernel.exec.