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Hello Petula,
I'm sorry that you missed out on a great experience. I'm sure Andrea has much more in store for women this year. :-)

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I agree Heidi, she definitely has an amazing background. We need more people like her to help us create a better world through the success of children.

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I say...let them do it. We will all win in the end. I have a niece who's four, and just thinking about the inheritance we're leaving her makes me quite sad. BTW, what happened to the paperless society?

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Wish I could have some of those fresh pastries. I can smell the intoxicating aroma RIGHT now. Your husband's lucky...his own personal chef.

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Hello Mama Asid,
As always, thanks for sharing. I love how you bring us 'the world' on a platter and remind us that we ARE a part of this whole existence...this thing that we call life. Thanks for bringing this to our attention by shining a spotlight on the plight of the People of Papua New Guinea.