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I love the Love Birds Kit - but there are also many others I would love too - hard decision!

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You're welcome - I just got another email bringing me here as it was asked how to roll back a driver. I replied and I can surely see, this has been a very active post for you :)
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Belle - read the post I wrote above - if you've updated a driver after installing the hardware on your PC - there should be an option to 'roll back' the driver. If that doesn't work for you, try restoring your computer to an earlier date as I described above.

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Irene - Go to the button on the very bottom of your task bar on the left (may say start - or may just be an icon). Pull up 'control panel.' Then find device manager in the control panel. Click on 'imaging devices' under the device manager tab. When you do, this should pull up all the printers/scanners installed on your computer. Click on the lexmark printer you're wanting to get working. This will pull up another window that has three tabs. Click on the 'driver' tab. There is an option to roll back driver which you should be able to click on and follow the instructions. If this isn't an option, then you'll need to restore your computer to an earlier date. That is simple enough to do. Again go to the 'start' button on the bottom left of the task bar. Click on 'all programs.' Find the 'accessories' tab. Click on 'system tools' tab under the accessories tab. There should be a tab for 'system restore.' Click on that. The instructions are pretty forward. Locate a date prior to the day that you think you updated the printer driver...and restore back to that date. It will take a couple minutes for the restore to take place and you might have to restart the computer for it to take effect. Good luck...

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Ah...I hadn't seen it done that way before...I get it now :).
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Wondering if you realize you have tweet about the giveaway on the Rafflecopter twice?

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I'm with Cristina - I would be running up the ladder as fast as could be. I would be absolutely livid. I would file a complaint withe the Better Business Bureau. You pay for a service, go by their policy and then be treated the way you were - that's not acceptable. Not to mention - you were more than accommodating when they had an issue. I wonder if your local Attorney General's office would have any suggestions as well. Of course, you could always sue them in Small Claims Court.
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Thanks for linking up in the Alexa hop...came to return the love:)

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LOL...we have a black kitty named Snickers :). Your poor puppy - I'm sorry to hear he has hip dysplasia. A friend of mine had a yellow lab that had hip dysplasia. If I remember right, Hunter was given aspirin when he had severe flair-ups and at the end of his life...all the time. Don't mark my words on it being aspirin but it was something so he could be comfortable. I worry about our dog getting it too. Anyway came to return the Alexa love. Good thing your pup has a good mommy :)
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Hopping in to say 'hi'
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