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I get all of that, I really do. And it doesn't exactly please me, I just don't find that it bothers me much at all. I'm much more concerned about systematic public video surveillance and satellite surveillance, for example. *adjusts tin-foil hat* And I'm also a firm believer that if the government can legally do something, they might as well do it efficiently and have a framework for how the whole system is supposed to work, what's legal what's not.

How many people here would object if the census required high-speed internet users to put in their static IP? Or CRA demanded to know the domain-names of any revenue generating websites a company owned? I'm guessing not too many.

Update:Whoops. That was supposed to be to Jesse above.

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Meh. I can't get bent out of shape over this. In fact in some ways I see it doing only better than the status quo.

If the ISP's are handing out this information ANYWAY w/o a warrant when the police request it, having some kind of laws and rules in place governing the practice is better than having none at all, and leaving it entirely up to the ISP's discretion.

Also, I don't think surveillance of a suspect would even be possible with today's technology without the ISP's handing this information over. Suspects could completely avoid digital spy's by bouncing from one Wi-Fi connection to another. And with smartphones today, people can walk down the street in any urban core and switch networks multiple times in a minute.

Besides, I'd be quite surprised if they didn't already have another way to get this information.

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I didn't think they let Conservative's out after 9pm in downtown Toronto. Maybe they have a bunker buried somewhere nearby.

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Executive, Legislative, and Judicial make up the government. Legislative is not Judicial. Parliament is not a court.

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Talk about restricting niqabs and immigration and you'd win the votes

That's probably why the Liberals are running a white supremacist in northern Quebec.

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Quebec is special. That's about all you need to know.

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I think you need to lay off the pipe. The government wasn't keeping anything under wraps, they were waiting for the scheduled release of the document. That's not suspicious, that's the way the system works.

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I'm looking squarely at Warren Kinsella's corner of the internet. This has all the makings of Wafer-Gate all over again.

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I gotta disagree. I think if the final report is even slightly altered from whatever was released today, all of todays criticisms will ring hallow, and any actual finding of wrong-doing will be glossed over by accusations of Liberal/Media dirty tricks relating to the draft release. In short, if they can't nail the CPC to the wall with this draft report (which is clearly more strongly worded than the final report will be), they won't be get them on a second turn.

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Agreed. Liberal staffers really must stop releasing information when it's not appropriate to do so.