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That's awesome man, David is definitely a great guy and their company is top notch. I'm glad you've had such great experience with them. I'm also glad you find the site useful! Thanks for coming by!

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If I get anymore you will be on the list, thanks for stopping by.

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uhhhh, not sure where you got your info from, but you're WRONG. All you need is the code and you can create an account. I don't have, nor have I ever used Reason at all. Record does NOT require Reason to function, but if you have it they work together perfectly. I plan to most likely get Record when it's ready, but I have no intention to get reason...though, depending on the price, it may be smarter to get the duo pack and have both. Then I'll just use Reason like a plugin rewired into Ableton.

But you absolutely do not need to have Reason to use Record, whoever told you that has no idea what they are speaking about

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thanks bro! welcome to the site, hope to give you the info you need fam!

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cool man, If I get any more you're on the list, thanks!

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Yeah, my engineer friends says it sounds dope. I don't really care about protools personally, I don't need it, and I don't plan to ever purchase it. As long as I can record my music and have it sound good, I'm dope.  Also, record can be rewired out into other products, so...then you can still use your vsts if you wish.

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I feel ya! I don't mind melodies and such, just not so much the drum loops. I didn't get relight, I got the first one, it was only 99 lol. I like motion samples too, I've been shopping with them since the were on eBay before they had their site lol.

Trust me man, I've been all over the place for samples, I'm always looking for good ones.  I'm usually looking for melodies to chop up or create my own samples from, and then single drum hits, I'm just not really a fan of drumloops, I like to make my own.  Nothing wrong with that though

that's why there are choices :)

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I'm not big on drumloops, I don't use them at all. I may chop some drums from a break, but that's about it. I don't do that often either.

I find it hard to see how you can be let down by ANYTHING Big Fish sells, they sell entirely too many different companies!  Everything from apple loops, to vsts, to big dollar sample maybe there is something specific from them you don't like.

I don't have a favorite company, I just buy what I think sounds good and see what works with my music.  I don't see how someone could be let down by a cd like smoker's delight or neo soul, or things of that nature.

Primeloops I don't consider sample cds, I consider them sample packs, and they def have some good ones as well.

I try not to limit myself, but I definitely don't shop for drumloops at all.

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Sup Andrick, welcome to the sight man! If I get anymore beta codes, I will hand them out to the folks in this thread.

keep grindin man!

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Yeah son lol...craziness.