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I wish that I could say that I am surprised, but I'm not sure I'm up to telling such a whopper with a straight face!! With all of the persecution of Christians going on around the world the major religions like Catholicism are noticeably silent on the matter. Instead they are too busy being bamboozled by interfaith dialogue with taqiyya spouting "moderate" Imams.

Jesus was not in favor of tolerating subjugation in the name of religion. Wake-up people of the West before the sword of the islamic death cult is at all our throats!!

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It's a sad state of affairs when our DOJ, the highest law enforcement agency in the nation, breaks ten times as many laws as the average low-life criminal. This all comes from the top.......OBA-MAO IS A POS CRIMINAL AND EVERYBODY HE'S SURROUNDED HIMSELF WITH IS IN LOCK STEP WITH HIS EVIL AGENDA TO SUBJUGATE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!!

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Unfortunately Fox was the only one. The rest of the lame stream was busy promoting him while also ignoring all of his nefarious ties to terrorists, tax cheats, and communists. Not to mention that he taught Alinsky's rules for radicals which was the inspiration for Cloward and Piven's plan to collapse the American economy.

Also, may I gently suggest that you make use of your spell check? Your content is right on but it would carry a lot more weight without the bad spelling.

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The alarm bells just keep ringing louder and louder. Lots of people are wide awake, many are just now rubbing the sleep from their eyes, but there are still too many with their eyes squeezed tight hoping and praying for their multiculturalist lives that islam is the tolerant accepting "religion" that the deceivers and the apologists say it is.

We need to speed the process up. I just joined ACT! For America and attended one of their seminars. I encourage YOU to do the same. Or join a group like SIOA. Also, try to get a friend or relative to go with you!

Please America let's stand-up for our God-given rights before the islamic death cult parleys our collective naivete into a political steamroller that crushes our liberty right here in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!!!

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The difference that I think everybody is ignoring is that this is not Iraq. This is a mountainous tribal area that no country has conquered.....ever. Nation building in this part of the world is an absolute PIPE DREAM!!! Not going to happen no matter how much time, treasure, and lives we spend there!!!! And that's before you even factor in the absurd ROE that oba-mao is insisting on which are appeasing the civilian population and costing our soldiers their lives!!!

Bring our boys back and systematically bomb the living crap out of Taliban strongholds whenever they seem to be gaining to much strength. Stop all flights from Afghanistan to the US and don't allow any Afghan person to ever enter this country again!!! Sound harsh?!! Too freaking bad!!!!

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There you go spewing lies. I DID read the article thank you very much. Did you?!!

The letter that oba-mao sent said that he preferred his release into Scotland rather than transfer to a Libyan prison. Partly because they were afraid of the hero's welcome that could and did occur upon his arrival in Libya. Why didn't he send a letter condemning ANY release of ANY kind? Compassionate release for a mass-murderer should be unacceptable no matter what.

Also, blind hate?!! What are you talking about? If I am illogical in my conclusions about the letter then why did the administration try to block it's release? Umm......because they knew that anyone with a modicum of common sense would be furious with the content of the letter!!

Lastly your reading comprehension looks to be on par with your mastery of the English language. I wrote about my conclusion in my original post, but since you obviously missed it here it is again; the president is more worried about appeasing muslims than he is about the families of the victims. By the way genius, it's "despite" what obambi said not "to spite!!"

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The wrong place? Another kool-aid chugger I presume? This website prints more truth in ONE day than msnbc, abc, cnn, nytimes, wapo, nbc, and the rest of the oba-mao cadre of incompetent media clowns do in a WHOLE month!!!

If you are calling this site dishonest it just shows your ignorance or your willful delusion. Please do us all a favor and start breaking those pills in half as the percentage levels in your blood are obviously getting dangerously high!!!

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Once again we see just exactly where our despicable excuse for a commander in chief stands. He is more worried about appeasing islamic sensibilities than he is about the continued pain and grief of the survivors of this monsters victims.

If we had an honest free press then perhaps more Americans would be aware of his failure to live up to his oath of office. Not to mention his blatant deceptions regarding everything from the economy to national security. It must be a comfort to oba-mao to know that he has nothing to worry about from his lapdogs over in the lame stream!!

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There is racism here but not in the way they will claim. The fact is that if the black congressional caucus continues to support him, despite his malfeasance, just because he's black, that's racism.

Of course, as we all know, that kind of talk will be pooh-poohed immediately as black people are incapable of racism in the eyes of libtard/democrat/progressive imbeciles everywhere!!

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The truly sad thing is, if you stared at that picture for about a half an hour, you would glean about as much pertinent news information as you would watching his nightly broadcast!!