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Joel unknowingly (or knowingly) brought about a bit of history in this comic. Ages ago, man only had 4 fingers (ages could've been thousands or millions of years in this sense. Numerical tracking back then was very different than it is now because... you know... 4 fingers) until the great quetzalcoatl of ancient lore brought about the Great Blood Flood (shortened to the now Biblical or Great Flood). The great misconception about the quetzacoatl was that it was a feathered lizard, when, in fact, it was just a giant bird with teeth. Weird, right?
Anyway, the great creature, in a fit of rage over losing a game of parcheesi, filled the world with a cleansing blood. Instead of having the intended effect of killing all of civilization, the creature ended up mutating every simian, living and dead, giving them all middle fingers and toes. The great demon bird then died from exhaustion. In honor of the quetzacoatl's gift, we now refer to the gesture of sticking out our middle finger as "flipping the bird." This soon became a negative gesture, however, when people realized that they could no longer wear their old gloves and had to buy all new ones.

Edit: Sorry, Joel. I made the glove joke before I saw the alt tag.

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Possibly one of my favorite spots in the entire movie *SPOILER*

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Doom Engine

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Between me and my wife, there's too much TV for us to handle right now on the DVR and I just don't watch Hulu as much as I used to. I may be tempted to give Fringe a shot, but Stargate Universe is a show full of fail. I watched the first 7 or 8 episodes and just couldn't take it any more. Every episode started to feel like a chore but with no reward. It's like a watered down like BSG without personality or fun or excitement. I just wanted the ship and everyone on it to die in a beautiful firey blaze!
Sorry, Joel, but I think it's time to give up on SGU as it moves off to cancelation land... and, hopefully, takes V with it. But, it better keep it's hands off of Community!

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Odd to see a dead Joel comic instead of a dead Josh comic. Totally threw me off!

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Isn't Krasinski better suited to play Bucky, Captain America's old sidekick? Or are they giving that role to Michael Cera?

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Answer: Use the education box they use on Venture Bros!

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I loved Voyager. I recall seeing this episode. But, for the love of Shatner, I couldn't remember this episode until I checked out the link to the summary. How did you recall this for a comic joke? And why wasn't this episode blocked out of your memory like a traumatic childhood experience?

Side note: This may be why I still watch Heroes. But I finally quit SGU and Flash Foward! That's worth something, right? ... right?

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I'm a Heroes fan too, but, I'll be honest: The show jumped the shark. Tim Kring apologized during season 2, so I promised myself I'd sit through season 3 and see if they turn things around. So far, they haven't compelled me to have any interest in season 4 (if one will even exist). Sorry, dude, the fans are abandoning the series. Only the nuthuggers remain.

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I've given up on award shows PERIOD! I did see the opening number, though. I don't care if he is Wolverine, Hugh Jackman really needs to come out of the closet already.