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I hoping to find Carolyn and respond to her Usual Suspect response.

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Thought it was funny. Chink jokes are the best. Were like me, yukking it over Charlie C's #1 son? good times... thumbs up!

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Does Crocket still have that faux beard once sported back in those Miami days?

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With this message, Todd is telling Occupy they succeeded: --- was there a reason this line was used multiple times? If Todd gave a different report saying they acted like thugs- that would be worth repeating. He didn't- so where's the surprise.

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That’s the difference between conservatives and progressives: --- while I've seen this to be case, what in blazes does the left getting rid of Pat B have to do with the first amendment. If for whatever reason MSNBC cans him they're a private company and they can do as they please. If some BigJ writer goes off the rails and they get dumped, are their First Amendment rights violated? I don't understand the failure to see this distinction. Seeing where CNN who got rid of Dobbs or now Pat B from MSNBC, they want a more seemless left slant- good for them and good for us; now we really have no reason to watch- unless not watching is violation of free speech if you don't listen to someone.

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Defending Pat B could be a cottage industry. For me, whatever his comment there was always something in it to cause pause. He is vastly more informed than many commentators, with things worthy of sharing and to keep in the back of the mind to re-examine. As for this article, the author has not shown himself bettor informed than Pat B and the attacks are ancient and I find misleading. The left shouts racist [or anti-semite as this article does] and it freezes the brain- why use it in this arena I do not know. At worst Pat B may be the right's crazy uncle, but hey that person is me in my family.

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Thanks first hat. Couldn't agree more. Look above at Nolte's comment: "Where did I write or even come close to expressing the idea that "the blogger should be shut down"? That's just a lie." That's a hyper response. He did something similar to a woman who complained over the endless skewering of the Maher, Stewart gang. I was sick of it too. To read everyday what dumba** things that group says is like reading 'dog bites man.' Who cares. I get it they're liberal. Move on. Look at the big picture. I now read Big J once a week where I once read daily. The comment section too often sounds like the Greek chorus with too much pent up feelings of payback. I'm near 60 and I've spent my whole life listening to the left's crapola- the big picture as you say is our country's future.

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Curious to juxtapose cigars and sex. Where's Sigmund when you need him. Also- if anyone can recall a recent book on the mythology and how Jackie coined it when she said he listened to Camelot all the time - she told it after he was assasinated. Otherwise found this: The crime writer James Ellroy may have put it best in his typically hardboiled novel American Tabloid: “Jack Kennedy was the mythological front man for a particularly juicy slice of our history. He talked a slick line and wore a world-class haircut. He was Bill Clinton minus pervasive media scrutiny and a few rolls of flab. Jack got whacked at the optimum moment to assure his sainthood. Lies continue to swirl around his eternal flame . . . .”__

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is still the greatest feat of his career- just like that Goldie Hawn vehicle was Stevie S's best- how can people miss it???

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it's not very good- but Nolte's taste has puzzled me for a while now