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I think because these shows are new that the 'verdict' isn't in when the shows are produced? Just a guess.

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All the dictators that want America destroyed want four more years of Obama. What does that tell you?

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"The night was a triumph for Clinton but Obama is still left locked in a tight, difficult race hoping desperately to be rescued by good economic news in the next several weeks. That, and not any speech by Clinton, is the only magic elixir that can re-elect him."

I hope you realize that the media has good news to break on behalf of their candidate, right? Fake but good...

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We will need a real street fighter to go against Hussein this election. GO NEWT!

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He wants just one lifetime term. Like the dictators you read about in third world nations.

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Who usually buys live Christmas trees? The people who live in apartments and don't have storage to put away the artificial ones. Not millionaires and billionaires, Obama. You're sticking it to the wrong people. Taxes usually DO hurt those lower down on the economic totem pole. Anyone else realize this?

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This creates jobs? I thought he was focusing like a laser on the three letter word: Jobs.

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His mother was white. Obama is half white. He was raised by his white grandparents.

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I'm sure the house and senate will compromise on this. Notice every time they find bipartisanship the people get the shaft?

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The American Left thinks this is cool.