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with the way brown is voting and has voted on issues, a dust kitten could beat him. he has got to be the biggest disappointmet for the so-called, non-existent, republican party in massachusetts.

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I realize you're being respectful but, please...stop referring to this character as "President", please. anyone who is so anti-United States, as this character is, and inhabits the office, does not deserve to be called "President". I can't think of one of the most recent presidents from, say, Truman to barry soetoro, and exempting Ronald Reagan, who deserves to be called "President". that goes for kennedy, too. this character, barry soetoro is a pretender and is hardly qualified to hold the office. barry soetoro is exactly the kind of sucker the democrats were looking for, to unseat an American and put a communist in the seat of the presidency. the heirarchy of the democrat party was salivating profusely when they found barry soetoro and rigged the state election in Illinois so he could win and then move him up the ladder to the WH. never has there ever been a puppet so easily manipulated than this phony, who believes everything the msm writes about him. the democrats only needed barry soetoro to get this healthcare bill passed and then they'll toss him into the Potomac with a cement block tied to his ankles.

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could it be that barry soetoro has a female domination complex and just, in no way, cannot say "no" to a female. look at his screwed-up childhood: mother mates with male, producing barry; mother leaves barry's male component; mother moves to Indonesia and cohabits with sadistic, communist, muslim and barry's political ideology is born. Of course with some help from his male component as well, who is a Kenyan revolutionary and hater of the British, even though it was they who brought civilization of Kenya. barry soetoro is a terribly mixed up boy, with a ton of garbage he's carrying around, puts him at a distinct disadvantage, emotionally and psychologically, to hold the office he now holds. women will always control this individual, no matter what.

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ah yes, the greatest contradiction in the history of mankind...muslims don't like homosexuals or, gay people as we call them in our sophisticated society. yet, muslims do like young boys and, I believe, the custom of "bachu bachi" (or something like that) is not only condoned in the muslim society (I can't begin to allow myself to call this a religion) but is alive and well. the hypocrisy of these people is astounding and they want to control the world? who of them wants to control the world? many of the people I see in the non-msm news reports are so short on literacy that too, is astounding. muslims are like camels, they can only walk in a line and don't need a lot of food or water but, yet, they can grunt and make all kinds of outlandish noises to get attention. barry soetoro is a muslim and he wants the same for us as for his countrymen (not women) scattered all over this earth. illiteracy is a dangerous thing, especially when it's happening in our country and that's how islam works...keep them stupid and starving and, they'll do anything you want them to.

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Let me see...every time I've seen any pictures of an islamic country, they were replete with mud hut structures and people living in them and defecating outside. That should be an interesting social studies class for the "students" in Texas, showing them how great islam is to its people. Then they can show the "students" the pictures of the women being buried up to their waists and then stoned to death. Then they can show the "students" the picture of the woman being shot in the back of the head, at a local soccer field in some God forsaken country somewhere "over there". Then they can show the "students" the picture of the man who was found guilty of adultery being stoned to death, only not buried waist deep in the sand or mud or whatever kind of substance. Yes, there a lot of really great things the teacher who teaches this cl*** can show "students" about the greatness of islam. But best of all the greatest example of islam that we have in our country today is barry soetoro, the "pretender" who is now in the office of president. Are these politically correct idiots ever going to learn anything???? Oh, and the best one of the students the beheadings that were carried out by these barbaric islamists. That should really get them in the mood to accept islam as the kind of control they'd want for their country.

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God help us if this ever comes to this country. There is nothing more to say.

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Come on, "you people" (as Ross Perot would say), if you believe anything this liar, regardless if he had a straight face, or not, says you should be sent to your room without dinner. There is not one instance of a democrat with any credentials, rep clyburn (SC) aside saying anything that could be construed as having one shred of truth. Even some of the so-called conservative news people are falling all over themselves in praise of obama and his totally manufactured speech to those in attendance at that spectacle in AZ. He has to read everything he says or else he screws it up, just like his predecessor, bush the younger. Stick to your guns and give no democrat praise, especially you john boehner, and if you go candy-ass on us, that will be the straw that will blow this whole set up wide open. We have to stand our ground because, we are right!

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Am I missing something or, were there 6 other people killed in that attack, I would guess, including the federal judge? That seems to be of no consequence, however, because there was a member of the elite political class who took the first shot. Maybe that was what saved her. Actually, what saved her was the fact that it was a 9mm and at that close range, the bullet is travelling so fast, it probably entered her head and exited before she knew what hit her. However, I think it then hit the judge. Well, anyway, not a word has been said about the other people who were killed and I find that a tragedy. They are as worthy, and maybe more so, of the media attention, as the member of congress. The liberal media found a "cause" in this event and will use it for as long as possible to get the required propaganda out of it. Sad, very sad.

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Had the congressman/person been a republican would the same outrage been exhibited. No need to answer because, of course, the obvious answer is "no". Not that the democrats and sheriff dupnik aren't the sensitive and caring people we all suspect they are, it's just that republicans or, for that matter, Tea Party members should be shot down and left to die. That's the way it's done in a totalitarian state. Condemn your enemies and praise your accomplices, no matter how guilty or innocent either is. These people are living with such a warped sense of justice, it seems unimaginable that they are in the seats of power they are.

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Just like the people in barney frank's district, I don't understand how these people, like nadler and frank, continue to be re-elected. They, and their constituents, must be completely out of touch with the rest of the nation. I know frank's is because, he is in a heavily democrat area, a shocking fact given that he's from Massachusetts but nadler is a district unto himself, therefore all he needs is one vote, his own, and his re-election is guaranteed. Seriously, though, what do these people like nadler, frank, conyers, waxman and the rest, say when they take the Oath of Office when it mentions protect and defend the Constitution? Isn't that some kind of hypocrisy or is it just anti- Americanism and another kind of sedition or, even, treason.