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Worth it.

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should say "nice reflection."...

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This was hysterical and extremely well done. Reminds me why I turn to Jon for news.

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I love it when the student says, "It's like having a clear mind."


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Yes. I like this. Thank you.

I always say: the phenomenal world is real and the physical world is hypothetical. I think this is clear from the fact that the phenomenal world is what matters most to us. It's what we care about, fundamentally.

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What part of climate change is a hoax, Greg?

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I'm down-town Julie Brown:

Alright now, roll your arm, pop, lock your shoulder and drop, chataranga...

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Right. So, I just don't think this is a brutal killing, unless you think all killing is brutal, which is what you seem to be saying.

From my perspective, it looks like hunting is going to have to be part of a holistic and sustainable approach to eating. There is good reason to trim some species, or even breed certain species, that will ultimately wind up on dinner plates. In my view, it would be far better to satisfy someone's appetite for meat with the food than to supply maggots and carrion birds with food.

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You call that brutal!!

Are you kidding? That was a perfect shot. They tracked the animal for a long time and obviously waited until they were in a perfect position to kill it instantly. Nothing brutal about it. Also, there are multiple bucks in the herd, they're not depriving them of mates.

Hunting is necessary to reduce populations of noxious species. It's carefully regulated and is absolutely the most humane and ethical way to obtain meat.

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Wow! Complete unanimity! Oh, wait. I'm just the first vote.

Seriously, this looks like a worthy project. Website is nice. The price sounds a bit steep, though. Get rid of the "scholarships" offer and make 'em 10 or 15 bucs. But, overall, certainly a worthy effort. I hope you make money at it, Brian Johnson.