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Actually I'm going to try to do exactly what you suggest, Joitske. The SNA study identified the specific roles that some people play (or played) and I'm going to ask them some questions related to their role. Stay tuned.

I think there are some perverse incentives for "doing a survey or an SNA study" because a donor or sponsor can see value from collecting the data. But my point is that often the data has been collected and it's sitting there unused. The most important step is making sense of it!

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Thanks, Nancy. I think you put your finger on the main point, which is: "So what?" What actions do we take? I think one response from my perspective is: "Take KM4Dev seriously -- it really is very diverse." That may seem very slight, but it could have a lot of small consequences that add up. It's not just "some mailing list."

If population would be an interesting denominator (e.g., "KM4Dev members divided by population = country representation") then as you say, "KM population" would be another one. But so would dollars of aid invested or spent. What about foreign direct investment or remitances from abroad?

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Hmm. Not sure what to suggest, Julien. You might pose the question about OpenRefine to its Discussion Group:!foru... . It usually helps if you include a picture showing what you're entering into OpenRefine and what happens.

As far as Google Scripts, it involves a bit of a learning curve, too. If you're more comfortable in a Microsoft environment, I know that Word can send an email from an Excel spreadsheet. That might be worth investigating.

It has to be said that my "solution" wasn't perfect. I'm still correcting the odd entry here and there. But it was good enough to get me over the hump.

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From a community leader's perspective a good lead or a follow-up conversation HAS to be more valuable than any participation data that we might use to justify ourselves or our work! (It's a lot more interesting, in any case.)

From an analytical perspective, having an idea of "bad leads" or "dead end hypotheses" seems just as valuable. I would love to hear an expert (like Marc Smith) muse and mumble as he looks at a dataset like this. (In a follow-up email he provided a link to a slide deck on the topic of future directions for NodeXL: .)

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Well, in the end I think it led to a few different publications, although I'm not sure how active the communities are at the moment. (These things tend to rise and fall, I guess.) This work was in collaboration with Nancy White, Alvaro Galvis, and Diego Leal. Here are two likely outcomes that I see on Alvaro's website ( )

Hacia una Gestión Efectiva de Comunidades Virtuales. Antología (2008, co-editor con Martha Isabel Tobón y Patricia Salazar). Pereira: RVT - Serie Artefactos para la Educación Virtual . Publiprint Ltda. ISBN: 978-958-722-012-4.

Ambientes Educativos para la Era de la Informática (2001, co-autor con grupo LIDIE-UNIANDES). Bogotá: MEN, Portal Colombia Aprende, Mediateca.

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Sounds like researchers in California are manifesting their PRO-cat-biases again! Where is the scientific review for such things? :-)

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Hi, James. You'd think "what is being learned" would be the most frequently asked question, eh?

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Talking with Diego Leal this afternoon I realize that the "offer" in a business model for a community is where change has to happen for the various constituencies in a community's "customer segments". So a business model for a community is different in that regard from a business model for an organization, where the offer is supposed to be more stable.

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Esa traducción me parece muy buena idea, Piedad. Pero primero deberiamos buscar a ver si no hay ya recursos en Español. Eso sería una pregunta apropiada para la comunidad SIWA: . (Y sería una manera ideal de conectarte con la comunidad -- ¡que pena que te perdiste la reunión!)

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Partly this should be the job of conference organizers, although they may have a conflict of interest. It seems to me that there are many ways in which technology can help us get the conversation going before an event and help us continue it afterward. But it takes extra work to make that happen. If you are strictly driven by the current economics of conferences you might not bother to make that investment.