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Yep - and it rained the whole day. Let me know if you want help adapting it for Coffee Cup.

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For sure - community is an essential part of spiritual maturity...maybe the most essential part. May we value close relationships (esp. with Jesus) above all else and may we make a priority to not cut short potential friendships because of pride and selfishness.

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Totally agree Kelly - we should be able to do all of those things and yet, we aren't. I'm completely for exploring alternative fuels, but I'm not for using tax money to do it. What happened to good old R&D where the first guy to market reaps the benefit?

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I think the video speaks to your question, but more importantly the fact that Obama hasn't told the world how their reaction is both inappropriate and unreasonable speaks volumes.

Thanks for the reply and it is good to know that even a liberal can identify reason from a conservative.

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The great mystery explained right here: that all mankind - Gentiles included - may know the hidden treasure of wisdom and knowledge found in Christ Jesus. That mystery is explained in our lives to those around us.

Lord, may you make me an open book when it comes to your Gospel and how it is presented in my life to those around me.

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Well said JP - although, voting and calling is what most people can do right now. I've thought (fleetingly) for running for public office once or twice with the thought of getting into the game and making a difference. Who knows what God has for me...

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What a testament that God will do whatever is necessary to get His message to those that need to hear it. In looking at this passage in light of Easter, I've been intrigued at how the city of Jerusalem was transformed by the enormous influx of people from beyond the city walls. It certainly was an opportune time to deliver THE message.

Lord, may I take every opportunity to speak about you to all men and trust you with the results. May I live and love as a man whose heart breaks for your people and through obedience draw closer to you.

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I'm putting it on the calendar. I'll be watching from Little Rock, AR over a Comcast Cable connection.

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First - fantastic site...can't wait to see what is in store! I'm wondering about the decision to not put any "over" state on the textual links (underline, color change, etc.). From a usability standpoint, that seems to be missing.

Not a criticism, just wondering the thought behind it from a design perspective.