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a week in the case of things like twitter or productivity apps games no one should be refunding ever unless they are broken(fc loop)

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it did mention ppl without access to apid apps

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i feel that the refund period should be atleast a full week to allow you to fully use the app under real life situations to be able to tell if you realy want it. also if you do refund an a newer version is released that fixes a problem you had with it or just some new features you should agin have a refund. im not saying to abuse the refund policy but most of the apps i use i have used for a long time i do enjoy trying new apps but not if they only have a paid version that i only have 24hours to refund because usualy you can not tell in 1 day if its better than another app.

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phone was great to play with at CES i would consider getting it if it ever comes to the USA preferable on T-Mobile

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still waiting on opera 10 mobile for android. although ff could be useful untill then

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never relay liked blur perhaps the hardware can keep up with blurs demands on this phone though.

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the qwerty didnt seem that great when i played with this at CES

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played with this at CES2010 didnt like the qwerty at all. moto is fail at making keyboards these days

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Google Maps Navigation for the win. although its sad that this cross platform gps service has come to an end. at least for now

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an android netbook sounds awesome hp has some nice stuff. hope to see what the final product looks like