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This is really well written and researched.. thank you for exploring a topic that I think crosses many peoples minds. Just a few more thoughts on the subject:

*fasting furthers you spirituality -- if a person fasts in order to further themselves spiritually, automatically that is not sikhi. sikhs are not suppose to actively do something in return for the daan of naam. constantly depriving yourself throughout the day messes with your ego as well... you might expect that because ive fasted, god owes me.

*fasting makes you more disciplined -- to deprive your body of nutrition may help make you think youre a more disciplined person but discipline lies in the mind. conqureing the mind is where our attention should be focused, and not suppressing the bodies natural instincts for food/water. sikhi emphasizes combating your mind before anything else.

*fasting is for more than just food and water -- yes it is and as sikhs, we aim to practice restrainting from intoxicants and the concept of kaam (lust) year round.