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What I find fascinating is the gross lack of clarity in these speakers. Does anyone actually understand what is being said here? Frankly speaking, it is hard to imagine we have much to fear from people who appear not to be able to define how to speak to one another, let alone organize for effective action. What jibberish.

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In the future, the discovery of a tunnel should not be publicized. Let the cops or army just wait till is it full of drug runners and illegal immigrants and collapse it. The immediate problem would be solved without having to pay for funeral expenses, and it should serve as something of a deterrent.

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That freakin' photo of the woman in her black crow outfit sitting under the flag of this pseudo-nation says all that needs to be said. Bring these animals down.

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How do virginity tests "head off charges of rape"? Just wondering. So, if someone is not a virgin, that proves what? That they are married? And if not married they should be stoned? I guess the Egyptians figure that someone who is a "virgin" has not been raped. So then if she accuses a man or men of rape, then she darned well better not be found to be a virgin or else she will be stoned or whipped for false testimony against a man? And if she is found not to be a virgin, she will be stoned for having been raped, from what I hear of these animals. Perhaps the solution to all this middle eastern crud is to turn the whole place into glass.

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I have had it with all the morons on this planet who blame the US for everything. Get a grip, assholes, or else you just may find out how much we ordinary Americans actually do despise you and just how sick we are of your attitudes. Bring it on, bring it on, bring it on. As DocF said, shortest war ever.

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We have had enough of the confrontational muslim intrusion into our public spaces. Get out and stay out.

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Disney is not saying work in the back because you are arab/moroccan/muslim. They are saying adhere to their dress code or work out of sight of the public. Disney has an image to maintain and symbols of the profoundly stupid and violent muslim oppression of women are excluded from what is permissible attire.

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There is no bound to my disgust. The people who elected this lying muslim freak to the presidency are scum. And I will say that to the face of anyone.

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Obama may technically be an American citizen, but he is not an American. The Ground Zero mosque may be technically legal, but there is no right to build it. Michele may technically be the "first lady" but she deserves no respect and is no more an American than her husband. Or are they actually married?

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Impeach Obama and throw him in jail. January 2011