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That is why it is so very important to listen to the campaigners to hear what they have to say about changing the military beurocracy. Gates said a couple or three weeks ago that it was time to do that. It was presumed he meant taking political correctness out of the US Armed Forces. He has said nothing further on it, so he must have been silenced by the Muslin in the oval office who also ordered Susan Rice not to be present for the vote on Israel, and, instead, prepared all that was necessary for the US Obama of America to join the Pro-Muslim group in the UN. November is so very, very important.

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If we are Rome then Islamofascism is the barbarian at the gate. And just because we are more advanced technologically it’s no reason to think we are invincible.

Since that has already been proved, as with the fall of the Byzantine by invading Islam hordes, then those dignitaries that still keep telling us that Islam is peaceful must inwardly want the destruction of Civilization, because surely they are not really believing they can use reverse psychology since that is what it seems they are trying to do.

That RP just makes the Islam feel more invincible, as well as coheses to their attitude that to die a martyr is the only goal they really have and it is the right one.