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I do, by the way, appreciate a man who is honest about his uncertainty. On the other hand, I spent long enough hiding behind mine to know that it can be an excuse for not confronting the awkward truth of God, in person, being part of your life. Better said, "God, in person, being your life." Where does that leave me? I mean, "If God is, and God is God, is there still room in the universe for me to be me (and have everything I might want)?" God had pretty much to grab me by the back of the neck and hold my face in that question until I could answer. When I knew the answer to all of the above was "yes, and yes, and yes, and "if you want what God wants" then everything in me was "YES!" Amen. Let it be so! Yes, that is right. It is all right. God is. God is God. He wills me to be me as well as I can, better than I ever hoped, and what he wants is what I want, because it IS what I need. God is. Jesus is his son. He lives in my his holy spirit. And I live in him. YES!

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Ha, but that is exactly the point. For the believer, the person who lives by faith, Jesus DOES define who we are! That is not a limiting definition, but a liberating definition, because to be who I am in Jesus means that I will be all I can possibly be, more than I can hope for or desire. I choose to believe Jesus is my reality. It is not an uniformed choice or one made in ignorance of the alternatives. To me, the kind of self definition you speak of is exactly what ails the world, human society, politics, all of it. That does not, however, motivate my choice. I choose what I see as the greater good, to be one with God in Jesus Christ, to be enabled to love and serve by the grace of God in his holy spirit. If that is a "mythological limitation", well so be it. It is my choice.

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When people think, they all think differently. The problem is that people do not think. And, unbelievably, Christians are too often among those who do not think. The spirit of God in each of us, as expressed in our natures in Christ, is nothing if not original, nothing if not unique, certainly the very definition of different. Otherwise, what is the point? Yet original thought is especially dangerous in the Christian community. I often call myself an "unconventional" Christian, just to warm folks that I might not conform to their expectations.

What needs to be rethought? Everything. We need to approach every moment as the fresh creation it is...every relationship as the new creation it is...every responsibility as the new opportunity for creation it is. We are children of the living God, creating the body of Christ each moment, completing, as Paul says, what remains to be completed of the work of God in Christ. We are, by faith, the living word, Christ, through whom all that is is made, making the universe as we live out the breath that animates us. If we don't think, who will?

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Just found this. Great work. On my iPod Touch with 2.2 software it works great. Thank you thank you thank you.

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Couldn't do it on a windows machine, at least not on XP...maybe you can on a Mac???

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With Netbooks Intel was aiming for what they considered a potential "adjacent market"...a unfilled niche in educational and developing country computing. They missed, but in doing so they discovered, or uncovered, an unsuspected niche...which is apparently the true potential adjacent market...the inexpensive mobile connected keyboard computing device market. That's IMCKCD and I am, right here, copyrighting the term. "Inexpensive mobile connected keyboard computing device"© Stephen Ingraham or "IMCKCD"© Stephen Ingraham. There. That leaves room, of course for the IMCCD which is the same thing without the keyboard. The iPod Touch in other words. Either works as a "cloud terminal"®™ :) and both are needed by the ultra mobile computer (person, not machine). You are not going to run spreadsheets or Adobe Lightroom or create powerpoints on an IMCCD. For that the highly mobile computer needs a netbook (and netbooks do the job just fine). On the other hand you are not going to play much music or watch video on an airplane with a Netbook. For that a IMCCD (iPhone or iPod Touch) is what you need. You can certainly check email and twitter and facebook on which every one is in your hand at the time. And that is as it should be. The ultra mobile can carry both, and with a lot less hassle than a laptop and pda. Besides it is just more fun!
Check out further thoughts on this subject: Cloudy Days and Netbook Nights: iPod Touch, my "cloud terminal". <a href=" " target="_blank">

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Oh well. Intel didn't understand what users wanted when they started the whole netbook thing, and it is pretty clear they still do not get it. All thanks to them, by the way, for their lack of insight, which has enabled the netbook revolution. Except for work related projects, which I knock out on my corporate issued laptop, my Aspire One has completely replaced my conventional laptop. It is the machine I have always dreamed of owning. Affordable. Capable. Portable. Perfect. I am not even interested in a 10 inch model.
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