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Oh, Euchre is a fave of ours. We used to play a LOT with my SIL & BIL. I love it:) I always wanted to learn to play Bridge, but have no clue about it. Nobody I know knows how to play and it sounds pretty complex.
I guess Euchre will have to suffice for now. Or if it's just hubs and I, we'll play 500 Rummy....even if he sandbags!

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LMAO! I LOVE your creative. Merry SITSmas to you, my dear!

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I tend to think fruitcake is kind of pretty. That being said, my bedspread is pretty too, but I don't eat it.

#5 is my fave....using it as a flare...ROFL.

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Holy shit....I haven't enjoyed a radio show in For-freaking-ever like this. THANKS Andrea and Genia! I've been waiting to hear how things went on your trip and this was sooooo worth the wait.

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Being around family that we've drifted away from, for whatever the reason, is such an emotional experience. It is for me. I'm so aware of everything going on around me, because my senses are heightened. I thank you for sharing and look forward to hearing the details of your trip.
I wish you an abundance of peace this Thanksgiving and a safe journey, both physically and emotionally.

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Thanks Cheryl for the info......can't wait to download my very own nomee. Great slideshow, BTW!

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My little puter clock says 9:03....that's a.m. EST. I showed up with bells on..............:)

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Unbelievable. I can not believe the ignorance of that statement: "In every good Muslim is a Jihadist waiting to get out”.
Just throw the baby out with the dishwater.

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I am always happy to see that studies like these encourage communication. I am completely biased, in a sense, because I was raised from birth by gay parents. I am well-adjusted and left my childhood unharmed, for the most part. (Unless you consider the fact that my parents sent me to Catholic schools, as abuse:)
The arguments against LGBT in regards to child rearing, are unsubstantiated in my opinion. And mostly hurled by homophobic individuals that are obsessed with what goes on behind closed doors.

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Hmm, I'm wondering if I can re-purpose my very own, very old bottle of wheat germ as cat litter? I'll let you know how that works out for me.
Another great re-purposed cat toy, is the plastic ring off the milk jug...the one all caked in dried milk. They love playing hockey on the kitchen floor with that baby. I think the last time I pulled out the fridge there was 1/2 dozen or so of "game-winning goals" under there.
Have a great day Cheryl!