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Roasted Frogs Legs anyone?

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Newton is looking for his lost Fig Leaf. I flamed him the day before he got in as a "crybaby". I warned him Ron Paul would whip his fig newton. Maybe this is the kind of thing that sets him off (aside from being a Davos globalists doppelganger to Bill Clinton). I hope my efforts have contributed to backing him into the corner like this. The intent is to make him look like the crybaby he is. It's working.

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Abel Klein

Professor, Mathematics
School of Physical Sciences

PH.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1971

Ezra went to University High in Irvine. This guy has been a Math Professor there for nearly 40 years, and Ezra is 26,so I'm figuring that this is his father. When I looked into his father's resume, I see that his is a typical Math Professor, who confuses Math for Physics. No wonder Ezra turns out to be a spoiled fool. Academic Physics has been nihilistically corrupt since Neils Bohr's Jewish wife's banker father imposed the Copenhagen Interpretation upon us slaves. As the Tea Party has buried the Journolisters in 2010, all that's left is the naked exposure of their vanity which naturally follows the the self-hating assimilationist Jew.

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Robespierre's Terror continues on both sides of the Atlantic. The Bastille of Modern Science would have already been Stormed in Copenhagen, but their Waffen-SS knocked down Monckton. The French have just been raped over too many times since time immemorial to have any coherent notion of reality. They project the rapine on the Globe, under the cover of Anglo-Dutch American hegemony.

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Bill, I don't believe your claim that French nuclear is expensive. I think they are probably producing at 2 cents, the other 10 cents is TAX!

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I agree with Mr. Goeas, to the extent that it will boil down to two parties. What he probably means it will come down to a Democrat or a Republican. It will come down to the Tea Party vs. the Democrats, or the Tea Party vs. the Republicans in the unfolding political configuration. It will probably be the latter, is leftism, which has gone so far as to infect Christian Churches around the world, is a spent force. Yet the Republicans are really hardly better than the Democrats, so the survivor will not the last but the first ones to jump over to the Tea Party. Incumbents who will come clean are welcome to join. Begone to the rest.

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The vaccine scam is about to blow. All of these poisons are designed to kill us slowly. All of the vaccine makers will be out of business as soon as the public figures this out, overthrows the Government, and goes after all the profiteers.

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Bowbamao, bow down to me, you lowly middle class serf.

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And the gun was found next to his body. In the river? What does that even mean?

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Hillary is becoming more transparently evil all the time. Look at her left eye. Since those Pakistani women students told her off, and in light of everything everywhere showing her as a incompetent fool, coupled with glorification pieces in the NYT, Time Magazine, she is literally insane at this point, in my humble opinion.