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Anwar Anwar Anwar- Nothing else but Anwar. The Rakyat are fed up. Just cant imagine the amount of Rakyats Money spent on the proceeding which has been going on for years.
Malaysians are following the case closely to see the outcome. The verdict of this case
is being watched all the World over. We hope that Justice will Prevail.

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YB AZMIN is the MENTERI BESAR of SELANGOR. He is doing his job in a transparent manner.
Malaysians appreciate transparency. Keep up your good work YB AZMIN. The RAKYAT are
behind you.
If wrong is being done, expose them. Appreciated.

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This in-fighting drama is not going to help the Malaysian Indians in any way and it is only going to damage the future of the Malaysian Indians as these do-called champions have only time to safeguard their selfish Position. No wonder, many Malaysian Indians are movingl towards opposition parties. Come GE-14, one could see their redundancy.
They will never change for the better but for the worse. Just see the present SCENERIO!

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The PM should not be silent on the issues raised. It would be a good idea for him to clear his name without further delay. Have an open Forum with the above Ex-Editor and the prominent
25 Intellectuals and Opposition MP'S and clear the air once and for all. This sort of issues raised has to be Defended by the PM.

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The Late YB KARPAL has carved his name in Malaysian History. He is a Great Personality respected by all Malaysians. His dreams are coming true by leaps and bounds as we see
many developments recently. Many intellectuals are coming forward to make a better Malaysia.

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These group of 25 are intellectuals with high moral and principles. Just look at their bio data.
It is not going to be easy for anyone or so-called groups to hoodwink them.
Malaysians are solidly behind them as their intentions are for the benefit of all Malaysians.

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Perkasa has nothing good to do except to bud their heads and in this case PERKASA has touched the wrong group who all I ntellectuals. Trying your tricks with this Group of 25 is finally going to get your mouth stitched. Malaysians are fully behind our Group 25.

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These Top Intellectuals have got together for the good of all Malaysians. Puan Noor, please fo not allow any interference from any one as we know that you all know best with no ulterior motive or interest but to mould Malaysia into a Multi-Racial and Harmonious Malaysia. The
Initial step to see the PM is in the right direction. Malaysians are gifted and honored to have
Intellectuals who have braved themselves to make the above move. SYABAS - MALAYSIANS SALUTE ALL THE 25 OF YOU.

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Tan Sri - Malaysians admire your concern for your passengers. Great feeling for the efficient manner you are handling this incident. We trust you. Keep up your good work Tan Sri.
We will still board your plane.

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Anwar Anwar Anwar - Nothing else. Malaysians are just fed up.
All and everything negative is Anwar Anwar Anwar. Years have
Passed and the journey seem endless.