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I'm sorry, but "Bad Leonard Nimoy Impression for Half a Season for No Discernable Reason"??!! You're crazy! I thought that was hilarious (and it was only 2 episodes)! Anna Torv was surprisingly great when she was required to be funny (you get so used to her being dour all the time).

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Joel, you are my television oracle, and I love it! I've only ever watched TNG randomly in syndication, but about a month ago I decided to marathon the whole series and it was a GREAT idea! Now I actually get these jokes, and my world is enriched immeasurably! Keep it up!

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So I know this was months ago, but I finally watched all of Fringe! I can't even tell you which of the main characters was my favourite, because they were all incredible! It was much better than I was expecting, and I want John Noble to be my grandpa! Or at least, I want to take LSD with him just once...

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Aw man, you beat me to it! We were Jehovah's Witnesses when I was a kid, so we went to church 3 or 4 times a week, plus these giant conventions a couple of times a year! It felt like a punishment, and the level of commitment people had just blew my young mind. I stopped going as soon as I moved out on my own, but I went back a few years later for a memorial service, and it was just... weird. I discovered I am not the church type, to say the least!

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This might be my favourite guest strip ever!

I hate flying so much I recently drove 4000 km to go to a wedding rather than fly. The blood wolves will not get me, dammit!

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Ha ha! Fair point. :). And this way I don't have to watch the show but I get enough hints from you that I'm not out of the loop.

I guess it's just one of those shows that I was really looking forward to, and now resent because it let me down. I remember watching that scene where the guy (whose name I can't remember, sorry) drives the car with the screaming alarm right into their camp, after it had been established earlier in the episode that zombies are attracted to noise, and no one seems to be concerned, and I thought, "These people are so stupid, I really kind of hope they all get eaten."

Also, I really love seeing cartoon Joel get upset about the finale. Even people who love The Walking Dead seem to constantly complain about how disappointing it is. Why would you put yourself through that willingly? :D

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I can't fathom why someone with taste (like Joel) would watch that terrible show. I suffered through the first season because I generally really like zombie stuff, but it has terrible writing and terrible acting and not a single character with any sense. Total crap.

Now, a Parks and Rec zombie show - that would be amaze-balls.

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When my husband and I first started dating, we went out for breakfast. I got some ketchup, and he made a face and asked "Is that for your eggs?!" I laughed and said no, it's for my hash browns! It was about 5 years before I admitted to him that I lied, that I've always eaten my eggs with ketchup, but I didn't want him to think I was gross... Of course, now I think ketchup on my eggs is disgusting. Not an exciting story, I suppose, but we still laugh about it. :)

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My husband and I have been looking for a new sci-fi show for a few months now and, taking your opinions as gospel, my 2 choices were Fringe or Doctor Who. We finally settled on the Doctor, and we're almost finished Series 3 and I simply can't contain how much I love him! The Doctor is amazballs.

I think I stayed away from Fringe simply because it was on Fox and all they do is break your heart. But now that it's done and I hear from you that the ending was satisfying, that'll be my next nerdy show. Thanks for your thoughts on that, they are appreciated!

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Oh Joel, thank you for that. You are hilarious, and Django was amazing, and all the people getting their panties in a bunch about it need to calm the hell down. I think that a movie like Gone With the Wind, widely concidered to be one of the greatest American movies of all time, is MUCH more racist than Django simply because it does try to side-step the deplorable conditions under which black Americans lived. I have a great deal of respect for Tarantino for being brave enough to broach the subject and not shy away from the disgusting truth.

Now, that said, this movie is not "historical" and should not be taken that way, and anyone who does is just dumb. Movie makers are not in any way obliged to teach Americans their history, and I'm sick of hearing people rant and rave that the movie isn't "historically accurate". Of course it isn't; it's a Tarantino blood-bath, not a documentary!