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I wonder if we can "loan" our own military sometime since we are now in total control by the UN and NATO. We have no Commander in Chief. We have a black Kenyan racist in the White House thans to the media and the lazy liberal voters who voted for a pop star and not a Presidnet.

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One must understand that the news media in America is nothing more than an extension of the progressive movement. The media ARE progressive and liberals. You cannot find any difference between the two. JournoList anyone? Just take a look at the names already exposed on this list. It is stunning, but not stunning. Walter Shapiro, Ezra Klein, Paul Krugman, Ben Smith, Joe Klein, Joe Conason, Dave Weigel. They should all be fined and jailed for rigging the national election of 2008. This is some of the first 60 released. Who the hell are on the other 340? There is no separating the media with the democratic party. They are all one.

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Oberon, you're a complete idiot. Any by the way, YOU can rot in hell from the hole in the ground where you live.

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Yet the moron voters keep voting for the corrupt liberals and these crooks keep stealing your own money. Shall we say "stuck on stupid?" How about "Useful Idiots."

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I wonder if it has anything to do with dear leader?

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I have nothing else to add. Seems like most on this site see the black Muslim Kenyan for what he really is. It seems hard to believe we have so many morons in this country that voted for and will vote again for this cretin. As for the media, they ignore his anti-America bent because they think and believe like him. They are probably more progressive than he is. Hell, Brian Williams even bowed to him. The late Cronkite and Jennings carried liberals water for years. Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric slobber all over him. Time, Newsweek, New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC all adore him. The only good thing is that they have ruined their future. Just like the Democratic Party. All are losers. The future belongs to conservatives. Book it.

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Lets get one thing straight. American Jews vote for Democrats all the time. They will vote for Obama again. Why, well for one, they do not like Israel. They have no love for their countrymen or their country. They are self serving rats. They could care less about Isreal. MOST Americans love Isreal more than than do. I have no reason why.

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Total morons. What the hell can one say of the terrible state. But California, you just keep electing these morons to office. The typical California is a simpleton. A large cesspool of ignorant, miserable cowards.

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Just a comment on the cover. "Is your baby racist?".......NO but Newsweek is!