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I'm clinging to the "It wasn't cancelled, it was put on hiatus" thing for dear life- especially since Cougar Town's episode order was sliced down significantly... it was a bad week, sitcom-wise. My heart is indeed a hate-filled pineapple. :(

Also, not to be a horrible person for loving all of your comics and then mostly posting to correct, but it was "Knight Rider", not "Nightrider." Unless there was an even worse series called "Nightrider", in which case, I bow to your TV nerdity and will look up links for a giggle. I need a giggle. Or some whisky... damn you, NBC! (and also ABC for Cougar Town!)

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Awesome. Just plain awesome.

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"I would like to see Eddie Olmos emote the hell out of that Dollhouse, personally."

Who wouldn't? He'd could describe watching paint dry and bring one to tears.