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And really the $800K that the city of Boulder spent studying this issue is essentially pro-2B/2C money. But that gets glossed over in the reporting. And no one seems to include the hours and hours of staffers and city council time on the issue. It really adds up.

However people want to vote the $$ spent on this pro or con is being understated.

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Your existing filter will continue to work, but since "spritzer" is providing the data there might be a different level of data that you receive compared to the current XMPP implementation for your filter. In addition we are implementing the "follow" schema, which is a user based stream. The additional user based methods (shadow and birddog at this time) can track a high number of users compared to "follow", so if your use case is to get every tweet for 5000 users one of those probably will be necessary.

The reason for the transition notice is so that Gnip can collect feedback from current users by having them take the survey and share their requirements. As we said, Gnip is exploring options with Twitter on how we can offer the other methods that require and end user license with Twitter, but first we need a list of current users and what the likely method(s) that fit their current usage. We also will be pulling our own account logs, but the survey tries to hit both current and planned usage.

Please take the survey if you have not already.

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This is meant to allow authorized applications to integrate data from a Facebook user's activity stream. It's not a generic search across Facebook.

It is possible to use other data publishers that Gnip provides integration for this use case including Twitter, FriendFeed, WordPress and others. Feel free to ping me directly with your use case to discuss.


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The majority of our data publishers are using the new polling system. But for users of the Gnip platform this should not be directly (or is not directly) obvious since the data collection happens in the Gnip backend. We are striving to scale up the polling system so it provides a similar behavior in terms of data collection and real-time freshness, and based on what we are seeing we think it is coming along.

Today the following data publishers are pushed to Gnip: WordPress, Twitter,, Intense Debate, Seesmic, and Six Apart. The other 30+ are using the Gnip Service Polling system.

We plan to add a more intuitive self-service dashboard in the future that provides both qualitative (push, polled, etc) and quantitative (avg. latency, time-based flow information, etc) that is helpful.

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All of these new publishers use the new Gnip polling infrastructure. The end result is that we still push real-time once it hits the Gnip platform. We will be trying to optimize our polling infrastructure to approximate real-time as best we can but will see some differences between service providers. Over time we plan to provide more information on delivery time to Gnip so people can track any expected lag from different service providers

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Bummer on that put. seems that one problem with trading is closing out too early or stopping out. but beats being on the wrong side of the trade.

Wells seems like the case of yet another fallen darling. Is JPM next? Seems everyone is being thrown out in a baby with the bathwater approach.

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Jeff, good post and thanks for the contrast with what we do at Gnip. We do have a focus on being the infrastructure that people use to access and filter data so they can focus on integrating it into their applications. Gnip is used for a lot of different use cases including providing social and business data to companies that do the type of social media measurement and analysis that is the focus at Techrigy.

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I think "traders" are some of the best at following psychology, while economists in modern times appear to get too in love with their data models and advanced mathematics.

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We already have nationalized the banks and now the discussion is just semantics. When the US Government is first in line as a holder of preferred shares does it matter what we call it?

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There is nothing wrong with companies using debt as a cost effective way to fund the business. Funding can only come from debt or equity and sometimes using debt is the right way to grow business. Now with a lot of companies simply mis-managing their cash-flow and debt ratios we should not go too far and say companies need to be debt-free. Debt-free may be right for some but not for everyone.