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I think those kids are pretty awesome. They're heroes. I'll bet they've been told numerous time throughout their lives not to open the door to strangers, but in this case, they saved a life. Their parents should be very proud of them. Bravo!

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I will vote for Bristol only if I find her to be a terrific dancer. With regard to the criticism heaped upon her, e.g., she should be home with her kid, shouldn't wear revealing outfits, etc., why weren't there complaints about mother-of-four Brooke Burke and the scandalously skimpy stuff she was wearing when she danced?

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A dusting of bronzer would even out that skin tone easily.

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Not that I have to justify my words, but I'm having too much fun needling you, Mike dear. Anyway, please re-read my original post. I was referring to men who murder their spouses in cold blood, not ALL men. I am acquainted with many men and women who've been divorced, and I've observed that, in this particular sample set, the men usually took the separation harder, even those who initiated it. Fortunately, however, none of those men OR women were driven to murder their estranged spouses. But you are correct on one point. I don't work, I retired at age 55. Now let's move on.

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You must be a great artist. You're terrific at drawing conclusions. But thanks for giving me all this attention. I'll have to tell your mom when I see her what a considerate son she has. Now, let's hear what you have to say about the news, which is the purpose of this forum.

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Ah, thankfully someone with an INTELLIGENT and useful comment about my first post. I got my stats from a DOJ report. I'll post the link if I can find it again. But thanks for this one. I'll check it out.

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Obviously you are no anthropologist. And the screen was something my sons suggested I use for irony's sake after seeing it on a dating site, and it has nothing to do with this story or my comment above. Truly, when one looks at statistics of violent crime commited against one spouse/partner by the other, men far outnumber women. These men have serious flaws with how they're "wired" mentally and emotionally.

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It's too bad that children can't choose their parents. If they could, these precious little ones would still be alive and well.

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That's really sad. Now the 2-year old is an orphan. It seems that men go off the deep end a lot more often during a divorce than women do. I wonder if there's any significance anthropologically speaking.

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Unless the airtight alibi is a date and time stamped video of him being thousands of miles away at the time of Venus's disappearance,it might not be all that air tight. Friends lie for friends, and hubby could have hired someone to harm her rather than do it himself.