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I see things have only got worse since I left my city of BULLdertown. You created the mess. You clean it up. Glad I am gone.

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nice got all around

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living age. Swear I brought that proposal up in 2007 and 2009 and Council has never said a word.

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Certainly, a cold hard crew of bloggers, as always, on the Daily Camera screed.
You should remember that I did not ask to be for public infamy.
The Boulder City Council simply retaliated against my constant and justified criticism and uncovering of financial disclosure, which, began when I became upset over the way our public officials were treating the homeless.
I have had Bipolar my whole adult life and crises like the one I was put through, 5 months with my rights restrained, caused a mental breakdown, that, and a dysfunctional mental health system.
Though, I had no ill intent, I take responsibility for my actions.
I was checking emails when I got word of this article.
Some might, like these commenters, that I am in a state of depression in Milwaukee, more common, than my manic episode which got me in such trouble.
Have a nice day.

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Perhaps KC should look into her own values. Anyone remember that she profited on a land deal and then was instrumental in putting that friend on a city board, Boulder Housing Partners. Cha Ching! What happened to the discussions regarding conflict of interest laws and ethics of members of Boulder City Government?

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I remember Lance said he was in danger from his fellow Marines for objecting to some crime he saw them commit. If he's still carrying this secret, he should tell someone who knows what to do with it, like Boulder Weekly's relatively new editor, Joel Dyer. You can't keep carrying this, Lance.

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That was an impressive defense of George K and John Mehaffy, though, I wonder if you might be a bit prejudicial.
You failed to mention that Mr. Mehaffy and Mr. Karakehian go way back, that Mehaffy is George's business partner and power of attorney.
If I'm not mistaken, weren't the both on the Board of Downtown Boulder Business Improvement District while you were Executive Director?
But, according to Mr. Karakehian, he can't recall... Just didn't register... Cha ching!
As for a unanimous vote, that's exactly how the Boulder City Council originally voted in regard to issuing me a restraining order.

I think they probably regret that decision. I wonder if Tom Carr, our city attorney, advised them on that one.
Tom Carr ans Jane Brautigam, our city manager, are both up for a salary increases, and will get a nice raise in the coming months.
Why? Because George Karakehian and Ken Wilson to cut out an objective third party who were in charge of making that decision.

Let's leave that up to their subordinates? Conflict of interest?
But, to be honest, I'm sure that the city council would have still voted unanimously for a raise for these incompetents and will give them a glowing report card.

As for downtown, nice place for the tourists.

As for Mr. Karakehian, if he had every vote this whole darn town it would be Disney World with bison running wild and everyone saluting the wall before council meetings.

As for you Sean, I wish you would make such a nice argument in regard to supporting our homeless population as you do for the ruling class.

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What about several other LLC's George K has not divulged, other than the several other LLC's that George K did not divulge and so on and so forth...

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They paid Nicoletti 200 dollars an hour and he never interviewed the "protected" city council or any staff.

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Bleeth, you really need to step back and get a grip.