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Are you unaware of the evidential nature of the Bible, as opposed to the Book of Mormon? If you're seriously asking, there are a lot of good resources to help you see that the two are completely different. The Bible is backed up philosophically, scientifically, historically, etc. The Book of Mormon is not backed in any way. May I suggest, as one terrific resource, listening to Dr. William Lane Craig's podcasts at TERRIFIC material that may help you with your research. (

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It's so easy to see,

that the LDS are truly following


many fictional gods

as opposed to

Yahweh - the one true God

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the crazy thing is, this is their GOSPEL

(good news? hardly)

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How odd. All this time I thought they claimed to have the original church embraced by Adam, not Jesus and the Apostles. They just keep on coming up with new stuff, don't they? Whatever might work...

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In three words: "Not faith-promoting"

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I don't think they will leave off on this strategy very soon, because it works so well for them. Anyone in the membership can find a quote to support anything they want to believe, on any side of any issue, so that they can just keep being in the church, assured that it is true. argh and yuck

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micro-management. when there is no real truth solution, cover it up with many, many, many rules. where lies abound and must be hidden, keep the people busy checking off the boxes

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Apparently, there was a radio station in town that had a lot to say about the event. They (the radio folks) were getting a lot of angry calls, listeners wondering why they were talking bad about BYU and The church. So they stopped their conversation, and made sort of a public official statement. It was basically this: The Church/BYU is FORCING PEOPLE TO LIE. If a person sins, and confesses it, ought they not to be forgiven, instead of having their dirty laundry shown to all by their religion/school, and punished? How does that kind of thing not convince the rest of the team to just KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT about anything they are doing wrong?

But that IS Mormonism, isn't it? They are a public-image church. Everyone is supposed to look good, and make the Church look good by their appearance and their lack of sin. So they hide what has happened, what they've done, and put on a good face, and take anti-depressants...

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Praise GOD!! I will begin praying for your family's salvation as well.

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Chaplain Kathleen, it is very nice to meet you. Thank you for coming out here, and sharing part of your story. I hope you continue.
God bless!