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Being brought up in a country like Pakistan, I know the real face of Islam and appreciate this review. It so true that so called "liberal" muslims have been trying to modify the impression of islam in the western society and covering its dark inhumane areas.
Till this day, I fear that some "Muslim" will come to know that I am no more a muslim and will kill me. And his act will be totally justified according to islamic teachings, as Islam says killing any Murtid(person who changes his belief from being a muslim) is a right deed to do. Still I thank god I am in America.

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"As such, he can actually serve as a example (albeit fictional) of how a person can have a homosexual orientation and still live a virtuous Christian life within the bounds of Catholicism."
haha now this comment is hilarious!! If the so called god does not like this homosexual orientation, why this orientation is even there? and what should those do who have it? So your religion accepts that there is "homosexual orientation"!!!!
haaaa! P.S. great reply!