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This is nothing compared to all the goof's I made on my blogs. Anyway you're exactly correct, I might also say the left is very good at using well meaning but sometimes gullible people.

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We certainly can't expect the majority of the elected Republicans to do any fighting. They were sent to Washington to bloviate and get along with their treasonous buddies and more importantly enrich themselves.

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Alfonzo is right Obama isn't brilliant although I sure Obama would disagree. A huge scam is being played.

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He's a Communist that disdains his country, the culture and most of the people

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I liked both chefs. the winner and the runner up but I'm not sure how the judges based their final decision. It didn't match their criticisms in my opinion. I expected Ron to win from what they were saying.

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I believe Rob out performed the others.

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"It might not be a matter of brains as to why the Republican House wouldn’t enact such a measure; it likes spending just as the Democrats."

Exactly, they are the other side of the same coin. I'm afraid I'm down on the whole process. I've saved the following link, I've asked sveral so called pundits if there's any truth to this. No one other than bloggers like myself have responded.

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Romney had a duel personality. He had no problem attacking and destroying his Republican rivals, he never laid a glove on Obama and he never tried to. He took all the rotten insults and lies from the left and never fought back. He and many others were a big let down.

Strangely all of the Republican leaders and conservative pundits joins in the attack of anyone that showed that showed courage and told the truth. Look at how they abandoned and attacked Michele Backmann. I don't see how they'll ever recover, the left certainly hasn't let up the attacks on them. They'll gladly grind them into dust, in between laughing at them.

The Bengazi dog and pony whitewash will take place tomorrow. I suspect that's all it will be, God forbide anyone speak the truth about Hillary Clinton.

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How come no one wants to discuss this, including you guys.

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Correct this is exactly what Obama wants.