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Tm, I've noticed that works as well. It seemingly makes your body an antenna or something but definitely extends range on your car remote.

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Rebecca, I don't know but it's probably worth a try. This post is 7 yrs old so there may be more updated software to use. Good luck!

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Awesome Kit. Glad you got it working and found the tutorial useful.

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Trin, this post is 5yrs old and apparently some things have changed in OSX. Read through the comments - people have updated what you need to do differently. cheers

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Paul, thanks for the kind words. I realize you found my 5mo-old blog post and baited me so you could get SEO juice for your eBook giveaway. I'll bite and gift you the SEO b/c your response is off in two fundamental ways:

a) You're assuming I set out to prove something or propose a predictive model with this post. I merely made the observation that analysts like yourself like to retrofit explanations for disruptive trends with _practical/functional_ motivators while neglecting the more parsimonious "cool factors." I guarantee you could come up with some theory explaining the hole in the toy market that the slinky filled but the fact is, it was just a novel toy that just went viral. The point is while I'm sure you and other people have come up with great predictive heuristics for discovering markets ripe for disruption and predicting disruptive potential of certain products, this idea of explaining the viral adoption of toys through a purely logical/practical lens is misguided and mistakenly attributes the cause of it's spread.

b) "that isn't the reason your parents bought one for you" - really? What was the reason Paul? I'm pretty confident the cool factor is precisely the reason my parents (and many other parents) bought us toys like the Walkman. Sure some toys had educational value, social connective value, etc but a portable music player back in the day that gave us an experience we had never had was pretty clearly a gift exclusively for it's cool factor.

anyways, I never claimed my post held a repeatable, predictive theory. This is my personal blog and I post occasional thoughts to air out ideas publicly. I'm glad you've invented something more useful than a rambling it took me all of 15min to write up. It's lame that you're promoting your book by instigating and link baiting bloggers on old posts but hey whatever, sounds like you need the link more than I do. cheers

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dude, srsly? I'll check out those guys but keep it civil. This is _my_ top 50 list- there's probably 1000 other great artists that aren't listed but no reason to get nasty. jeesh

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Chris, fully intend to. I wanted to see what stories amass here first. Already learned about this one via my Tweet earlier:

I was thinking about camping out in that lot for another reason- i was just going to count the number of tows and see if the tow trucks truly "poach" like the store owner suspects. He thinks they just circle like vultures waiting to swoop down on meters just as they expire. super shady.

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Ben, great additions! i may need to make this a top 100 list ;-)

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Nige, thx. My site was down the past few days as a change in hosting providers happened to coincide with me transferring my domain so I couldn't update DNS for a week... ugh.. anyways your plugin seems to be exactly what I was asking for. I will check it out. Kudos for writing it!

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Paul, beautiful! thanks for recommending this. tried it and works like a charm (even pasting into Numbers on a Mac which usually works far less than Excel for some reason). Would still love to see an extension created that allowed simple spreadsheet ops inline directly in the browser but this is definitely a big step up from the current situation. Thank you for sharing.