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You have the same access as I do in terms of using whatever categories I have setup, if you need any more, just let me know ;-)

Anyways, I'm planning on making a post this weekend about my inactivity but I'll just say, this mandatory overtime bullshit is putting cramp in my style, you'll know more about it when I make up my post.

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It's called a new layout, deal with it :p

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Yeah, I can send it your way if you want. Would you like me to send it to you by email or if you find me on IRC I can send it to you through there as well. I hang out in #animeost and #animetunes most of the time on Rizon and #xoom, #rootz, and #TeamBAMF on Freenode. Also, if you're running one of BAMF ROMs that has the BAMF Toolbox, you can find it on there as well.

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What happen to your old facebook? Not gonna use your old one any more?

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Feel free to post whatever you want to post shall it be tech related or games related.

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The article isn't about me being lonely or anything, it was a general article about online dating in general and the problems with it. I didn't say that online dating doesn't work but more towards where a girl has a greater advantage over getting a guy quickly then it is for a guy getting a girl. In your example it had taken you about a good few months or so to find someone while I bet your wife only taken only a few days to meet you (after going through so many Mr. Wrongs and guys who's just shooting messages just to shoot a message).

I'm happy that you're able to meet your wife through one of the online dating sites but for me it just seems like a waste after looking at the odds (not many females has the same tastes as me, at least out in Arizona =p ), I have a better track record meeting girls through IRC (which I first met my first girlfriend through).

But, yeah, thank you for your experiences, though =)

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I don't even know why you switched in the first place...

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You still look like a *censored* to me =p

Anyways, yes, I just now started getting into Chrome, so sue me =p

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Only when I feel like bringing in my laptop with the game on it :p

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And how is that related to this post? =p