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I'm moving because of the hosting company and more because of the poor customer service. According to the hosting company it was my ftp account that was compromised, not Wordpress. But I was down for 3 days this week and my hosting company didn't really address my issues very quickly.

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I am going to need a lot of GO RUNNER GIRLs in the next few months. Especially when it's about 100 degrees and I have to run 10 miles!!

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You should! That would be a lot of fun!!!

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I am so sad I ended up missing it. I had planned on spending Friday there, but my daughter and I were both sick. Sounds like I really missed a lot of awesome sessions.

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LMAO! Nobody rats our mama and gets away with it.

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I'm so mad I couldn't go. Dang dance camp and hubby out of town. It's a great opportunity. I'm so glad you shared the experience with us. That's an awesome press pass.

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Can't wait to see you out in CA in a few days. For us, DVD players and mad lobs get us through long flights. My kids can spend hours with mad libs. We've had people give us nasty looks cuz my kids are laughing, but I always figure better laughing then crying.

My kids have PSPs also and I love that they can watch movies too. I think just having a variety of things to do helps. And of course snacks and lollipops for the ears popping.

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Kim - We are working on a training plan that we will all be following over athttp://momactive.com. You SOOOO need to do it with us. The more the merrier!! Thanks for stopping by!

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You can see it on Wednesday night. I'm doing a whole show JUST on my iPad. LOL!

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I like it too. They are kinda harsh on her I think. Not sure why. I'm a 42 yr old Miley fan!!