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I'm saying it is possible to walk from Best Buy to Kohls, and from Hy-Vee (where is Taco Bell?) to K-Mart, but it isn't currently safe due to the complete lack of pedestrian accommodations.

I don't know if you've driven in this area, but there have been several occasions when I have seen pedestrians crossing these streets, so there are pedestrians who would like to use some sort of accommodation.

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That's the problem, even if I were to try to cross at the lights, I would still be run over by vehicles not looking for pedestrians.

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Hear hear! I feel most of these commenters would complain if the city implemented the cheapest intersection solutions (stop signs) instead of studying traffic flows and installing traffic lights.

The fact that the large commercial center on the north east side of town is impossible to navigate by foot is an embarrassment.

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Being able to cross a street safely is new flashy, hyped-up, trendy new?

I think we have to make a decision to either go for the underpass or accept the fact that the traffic lights in that area will have to be changed to allow for pedestrians, which means longer red lights.

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The state proposed what they thought was the easiest and most cost appropriate way to improve the intersection and community members complained the solution would be confusing and inconvenient.

I don't think you can pin blame on a single party here, the community needs to accept the solution recommended by the state DOT or pony up the (very large) difference and build a full multi-level interchange.

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I can blame St. Lukes for that, just because other hospitals do something one way doesn't make it right or acceptable.

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Ms. Hadish, I think the next time a large company wants to be defended on how much money they make, there is one question you need to ask. "Will you open the books?" If they are unwilling to show you there books, you need to tell them that you won't write a story without their cooperation.

The facts exist which could prove or disprove their claims, but they don't seem to be willing to disclose those facts, and I would hope that you and your colleagues at the Gazette would refuse to write any story without first gathering important and relevant facts.

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I would like to know why Grassley has refused to debate his opponent.

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It's funny you use the name, "gazettereader" since it's obvious you didn't bother to read the Gazette article before commenting on it.

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Any idea on how I can get tickets?