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Isn't it time to pull this jerks passport and put him in the loony bin. He has no business being out and about without adult supervision.

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Krauthammer is part of the Republican establishment. I wouldn't expect anything else from him. The Republican establishment want Romney, because he is really left of center just like them. You have to look at how the political parties have changed, the Democrat Party has moved so far left that they have become Socialist and the Republican Party has move so far to the left they have become Democrats. Between these two parties the days of lower taxes, smaller government, and more individual freedom are gone and completely forgotten.

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The media is not prejudiced against fat people, it's only fat Republicans they are prejudiced toward. You never hear a word against fat Democrats. But then the media is prejudiced against everybody that is not a Democrat.

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Can you imagine the uproar from the MSM if a Conservative said something like this. They would be in total destruction mode. I wonder what happen the the tingling feeling up and down Chris's leg. Anybody with just a little common sense knows that Obama's time in office has been a total failure and it would disaster to re-elect him. But then common sense is a rare commodity in this country today.

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And the MSM told us he was the smartest man in the world until Obama came along. Somebody probably paid him a lot of money to make that brilliant remark. The government sure as hell isn't the solution, so where does that leave the government?

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It is apparent that in this new world order there is no room for Christianity. They talk of diversity as long as diversity suits their fancy. To continually mock God is a dangerous thing to do, and only fools would do it. So my advice would be to stay as far away from these fools as you possibly can for they are the walking dead.

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Nothing is safe in this country as long as congress is in session. Even the most simplest of bills have a hidden agenda or a rider that threatens our very existence.

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ElBaradei has been associated with the Muslim Brotherhood for a long time. Why else would they be comfortable with him as their spokesman? There will be hell to pay if the Muslim Brotherhood takes over Egypt, the Egyptian people will really feel the yoke of tyranny then. ElBaradei is probably the number one choice of the Obama administration, using his normal track record.

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What's all those UN workers doing down there? My guess is they are exploiting the poor unwashed masses as usual. Somebody should ask where all that money our congress gave to the Clinton Initiave has gone. Maybe he will spend it for his big bash birthday party!

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The START treaty and the DADT bill are both designed to weaken our country. The only time this country came out ahead in a treaty with Russia was when President Reagan told them no and walked out and came home. The DADT is nothing more then a way to demoralize our fighting men. But that has been the goal of the liberals for years.