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"The biggest challenge is to bring a child to the knowledge how to lead a good life, how to respect the others, etc. The child must become well-brought-up, understanding, humane, etc." <---- It is amazing how the goal of motherhood crosses all language-lines, styles, whatever. We all want our children to grow up to be good, solid people who are full of love! Go Pushba!

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I have never even heard of eating kangaroos lol, and at first I was like, "WHAT, NOT KANGAROO!", but now I really wanna try it. As far as I know it isn't readily available where I am in Canada, but maybe on the trip to Aussie-land.

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love, Love, LOVE these! Thanks so much for the suggestion!

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It is quite possibly it WAS the meat and not your mental influence causing you to get sick. The vegetarians in my family can't eat meat now or else they get the worst stomach aches. Everyone is different I suppose! Sorta like how some people can't eat chocolate ever, and I can eat chocolate when I have the stomach flu.... it is the only thing I can ALWAYS keep down lol!

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Bison is soooo yummy. I would probably be a pescetarian except I have always loved steak (only if it is from Alberta, where I live.... steak from anywhere else tastes weird because they feed their cows differently) and bison. Bison is much healthier than cowsteak anyways, but cooks a bit differently. I guess anemia won't be a problem for me most likely since the only meat i like is the red meat variety lol!

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You know what I love most about this photo? How the dog is all smiles like, "Yup, this is my crazy clan, and I love 'em!"

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I have been eyeing the grown-up version of this shirt for awhile now! Love it!

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I know what you mean... I didn't plan on getting married and when I did, that was all people brought up for awhile lol! And I am sure it will be the same reaction when I announce the kidlets. Oh well though, can't wait to read your "Getting It Out" story!

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What an awesome birth-story! Very cool!

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So, So, SOOOO cute! Way to get the imagination going!