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Hollywood fancies itself cutting edge to be the opposite of decent and happy. In other words, Hollywood has turned joy, love and truth upside down and named it interesting and inspiring. It's not. I hope they all lose their jobs and entertainment moves to a place where the elite have some class and goodness.

I raised my kids avoiding most of their evil claptrap so my children grown up finding entertainment outside of Hollywood. Every parent I know does the same thing and we have to tell our children that most television and movies are garbage for people who live in the gutter of life without love and respect for people. Hollywood has been so dubmed down and committed to evil for so long now, there is no one smart and inspired enough to change what they have done to the industry. Like everything else the Boomer Left takes over (Hello, Journalism and Education!), Hollywood is going down.

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The left in this country have always organized and enforced the racist hate power structure of the day. Today it is "diversity" hate doctrines targeting America and Whites just like in the past it hate doctrines were targeted at Blacks an Africa. The left has a blood lust; it is a spirit of hate, death and oppression. They called for the beheading of white children last week. People forgot the destructive and murderous spirit of the Left in the sixities and voters let the genie out of the bottle. It will take quite a struggle and some time to put it back in and a lot is going to be destroyed in the meantime.

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Way to go! The Left is so corrupt... Finally, they are getting nailed.

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Why would anyone be surprised to see Marxists design an energy system that does not work to meet the needs of the society and that will ultimately kill people for lack of heat and kill the economy for lack of transportation fuel and sky-rocketing costs? For the fantacy of Utopia, comrades will kill you to make you a better citizen of the world. They have a long track record of killing millions in the name of Utopian food production that did not work to feed the population.

But the energy shortages being created by our dear Utopians are the least of our problems. What liberals have done to our health care system and ensuing rationing will murder millions of elderly and handicapped people in a short time.

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Liberals sure have wrecked the country in just a short time.

Spying on Americans. Classifying their political enemies as domestic terrorists. FCC working to take over the Internet. Tripiling the debt. Taking over health care and centrally collecting private health information on every American. Sexually molesting innocent Americans at the airports in the name of terrorism.

Do we have constitution anymore? Do we still have a Judcial Branch of the government? Are they sleeping or are their traitors?

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I do beleive that as a teen Megs looked at the Britney Spears poster in her little pink bedroom and told her nanny: "I wannabe just like Britney when I grow up." She grew up in a dysfunctional family and came out starved for attention - any attention.

Britney's dream of being the next dysfunctional white girl star was not open to a husky Senator's daughter. Megs only hope to fulfill her deam of vapid sexy glamor is on the ugly stage of politics. In the company of homely politicians and the journalists who lay in wait to destroy them, Megs stands out as a potential gold mine. In return, Meghan gets the attention she so desires as long as she can keep up the freak show in the circus of the political world. But when the attention drys up, desparate Megs be flashing more than just her boobs on twitter. Let's keep Senator McCain in Arizona and give Megs a chance to spend time with her daddy before he ages any more.

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The Represenative for Mexico is going to find out that Americans are not the peasants he hand hoped for.

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Way to go! Dang, you guys did what the Republicans and some Democrats in Congress were unable to do with your videos. Everyone, contribute to the legal defense funds NOW!

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I have to share my Russian lady story. We were moms of jr. high kids and at a parents meeting with a new principal. I was not happy that the history teachers had tossed out history and civics for something innane and useless called multiculturalism. The 7th grade class was studying about the Great Depression by listening to blues music sung by blacks during the era. That was it - no information on the actual Depression. I expressed my opinion and sat down while our new fearless leader addressed my observation. The Russian woman next to me whispered urgently, "Be careful when they erase your history and your constitution! They used to do that to us in the Soviet Union." She was not exaggerating - this was a desparate situtation to her...

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If only everyone in the world would just do what the Marxists tell them to do, Utopia could be realized on earth.

Obama getting ready to legalize 12 million illegals so that he can win elections shows us how much the Climate Change watermelons really care about reducing energy use and overpopulation in the US.