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I regret I used very harsh words, but I stick to the substance of what I said. All those who think I am hyper-sensitive need to remember that my reaction is not based only on this list but also was result of such behavior repeatedly shown by westerners.

I still insist - there is a racist supremacist streak in the west. It is not like Islamism because the western nations made commitments to universal human rights and built systems to check their instincts which drive towards supremacism.

But the existence of that instinct is clearly visible in many observations we have made in the past and continue to do so. One of our ex - PMs too commented on it in public. He was not one of those politicians who would make such remarks in public without solid basis. He had observed western behaviors including closed door interactions with western leaders and diplomats and then only made those remarks. His observations, made several years back, fit perfectly with Ms Hungerford's behavior and many other such that we have seen.

I only hope the western societies will be able to keep these instincts in check or else will one day be reduced to defending their civilization in an unconvincing manner quite like Islamic apologists today.

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Thanks for your comment. I think I have seen your name on jihadwatch also.

I have seen many in the west who are not only sympathetic to India but don't respond differently to same situation in western and non - western countries as Ms Hungerford seemed to me to have done in compiling her list.

Overall, however, we have seen many instances of western behavior, both at personal level and at social level that have more than a hint of racist supremacism. I probably appear to be overreacting to this one list. But my reaction also has a background of seeing racist behaviors.

Much as we wish otherwise, we have to move towards the conclusion that there won't be a concerted response of the west and India towards the problem of terrorism. India will have to fight it's battle alone, even though the problem of Islamic terror is identical to the one faced by the west.


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OK, I admit that I perhaps have made presumptions which are mistaken. I apologize if so. In fact, I would not have reacted so strongly if there had been a notification saying my comment was removed, preferably with a reason.

The basic point remains. I find it disconcerting that the west has this racist supremacist streak. This is not the only symptom where Mumbai terror attack is "missed out" from the list of "worst Islamofascist attacks". Similar double standards by western governments and societies have been noticed by us and commented upon sometimes.

All I can say to the compiler of this list and those who don't think she did something outrageous, is - You already have most of 1.4 billion Muslims hating you. Don't add 850 million Hindus having similar emotion towards you. Hindus won't hate you (or anyone else) so easily but if this behavior is observed repeatedly, or if it is condoned as easily as this site seems to do, then that WILL happen.

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It's amazing, isn't it ? I posted a comment here. I got two replies and had posted my counter to one of the replies. All of that disappeared (or maybe made invisible to me, I don't know !). I would be very keen to know how those violated the guidelines ?!

It is very interesting to see a website purported to be fighting Islamic supremacism, showing racist supremacist streak itself of the kind we see in Islamists.

I had said that this list did not mention such a horror as Mumbai terror attack while crude, botched up attempts which resulted in no loss of life are mentioned. I can see no reason other than that the compiler of list (and now since the website removed my comment, the website itself) considers terror attacks only western / white interests worthy of horror. "Lesser people" like Indians can be subjected to atrocity like Mumbai and not considered a horror by the likes of the compiler of this list.

A good confirmation of what many Indians have always suspected !

Bangalore, India

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Perhaps the attack on Kurdish village was not directly targetting the whites, but it too had an anti - west objective - to make Iraq war appear lost for Americans. So I think the creator of this list does consider a terror attack to be one only if it harms western or white people and their interests in some way.

It is racist behavior. While my very first comment was immediate reaction, even a calmer, more balanced assessment would be the same, unless some really plausible explanation was available for the omission of Mumbai.

I have seen similar behaviors on more mainstream media - Time, Newsweek et al. A "list" of "most horrific terror incidents" is made and it includes the smallest attack against the west and omits the most horrific incidents against non-whites.

I have always maintained that the west too has a supremacist streak that comes from a feeling racial superiority, somewhat like many Muslims have that comes from a sense of religious superiority. Some day, it will come to haunt the west the way Muslims are under pressure today because of their supremacist behavior.


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I did not see any attack that killed or would have killed non-whites. Tell me which one.

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It is amazing ! This list, that includes crude, botched attempts that did not result in any deaths. And it does NOT include the horrific Mumbai terror attack !!

Do you whites consider non-whites to be human beings at all !!

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As usual, an extremely insightful and yet simple (not simplistic) observation by Mr Sowell.

Being born a Marwari Hindu in West Bengal in India, I know exactly what Mr Sowell is talking about.

Leftists who rant about inequities are themselves driven by the jealousy against the achiever rather than any noble intention to see the underdogs come up. In the same West Bengal in India, ruled by the communist party now, their efforts were never to raise up the underdogs but to harm the achievers (in this case the Marwaris) as much as possible.

I eventually left my place of birth for better environment to cities of Mumbai and Bangalore where achievement is respected more than resented. Same was done by most people like me. West Bengal is now almost an industrial wasteland.

Having said this, I do believe that developing political power and overpowering the haters is more important than leaving the territory to them. For if we do so, they will follow us to where we went for decent life.

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Something tells me Mr. Spencer will not hear from Mr. Bassiouni again !

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My GOD !!! My exact same thought !!! I ALWAYS do it and learn new words.

Today was serried and parvis. Which is the third one you learned ?

I think I remember the ones from last post of Hugh also. desuetude and cashiered.