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Snow Snow and more snow!!! The roads are completely iced and snow packed - the terrain is gorgeous but traveling is more than treacherous today. I am just wondering inf HGTV can provide a Snow Plow to mount on the SUV to clear the road to Dream House. How is snow removal going to be handled? It is not a frequent problem but one can get snowed in and should an emergency arise - snow removal is essential.


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I am a newbie only by virtue that this is my first blogging experience ever - but I am not new to the DH and to this Casa De Suenos (Dream house for the Spanish language impaired) in particular. There can be no other place like New Mexico on this or any other planet. The weather is great - four regular seasons but none too extreme - a touch of summer, a bout of winter, a wonderful and colorful fall, plus a great time of summer and THEN, and then, a fifth season we know as Indian Summer - the most colorful of all. The Sandia Park area is centrally located ensuring that one has a chance to see all that New Mexico has to offer in the way of changing weather and seasons. We love this home and feel a great sense of destiny as we cast our lots with all of the other hopeful contestants - the contest ends on my birthday and the winner is to be announced on my wife's birthday - can you beat that - we hope not. Good luck or as we say in Nuevo Mexico - Buena Suerte!

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The videos are well done and one does get a sense of "being there." My wife Vivian and I don't live far from the DH. We reside in Tijeras in Redhawk Estates on the Turquoise Trail - This is truly a "Casa De Suenos" (dream house) and we dream about it as much as our fellow bloggers - unfortunately only one will win - yet we feel a sense of destiny where this Casa De Suenos is concerned - the contest ends on my birthday and the winner will be announced on my wife's birthday - in any case the place is fabulous and we look forward to welcoming the lucky folks who will win the DH - if we do not win it ourselves. If you are new to the area and would like to meet some locals please reply and introduce yourselves - New Mexico is truly The Land of Enchantment, I was born in Taos, New Mexico and my wife was born in Chama, New Mexico, we are the real deal - Native New Mexicans tied to the land and its inhabitants.

Buena Suerte to all.

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As a native New Mexican, I am a bit of a purist and believe tequila should be taken in a shot glass - or a double shot glass - with lime and salt - salt first, tequila shot next, and followed by the lime ( lemon works also) - your soiree or as we call it, fiesta, will be complete only when the green chile is served and the mariachis play - just a sidenote here the DH is just fantastic and winning would be great as the contest end on February 19th, my birthday, and the winner will be announced on March 14th, my wife's birthday - kismet, fate or what? I am sure my wife will try the margarita recipe and thank you for it. Viva Nuevo Mexico! PS. there are indeed many black bears, cougars and coyotes in the area.