Dr. Sanath Kumaran

Dr. Sanath Kumaran


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Yes, Charles... the moment I see my kids, both of them fill me up with Wonder and Awe... How is it that simple things in life, like a bolster can become a imaginary bike, a nursery rhyme can create a new reality, and the list goes on.... I am breathing fresh air every moment I am with them... Love and care, Sanath

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Yes, my experiences of His healing is true for me. I cannot deny it as I have experienced His healing touch. I am sure of my personal experience being in His presence and receiving His blessings.
Thank you.

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Hey there,
Thanks for pointing out. Now the pictures are all there! Happy surfing

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Dear Christina

Pretty soon we will be celebrating Chinese New Year...wow !!! so fast ah!

Have a fantastic year ahead,

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Hello Azura

Cepat sangat ye...tak sangka dah 2010.

Have a great year ahead,
Love and care,

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Happy New Year Risha....

This years gonna be BIG... and GOOD for you I am sure....
Completing college, getting a job, wedding bells..... Oppss...did I say too much?

Enjoy every moment.

Love and care,

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Juara my buddy...

I am sure this story must make you go \"Ah hah\"... something that you have experienced in many areas of your life.

Have a great new year. Love and care,

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My dear buddy,

We have known each other since 1970's...you have seen how our sleepy hometown (Melaka) transform, just in one generation into what it is now.

IMAGINE, what the next generation is gonna inherit from us... A LIVING PLANET... or a DEAD ONE???

Its up to us to leave behind a living planet.

To fight global warming at a local level, I am committed to take public transport (train, bus, LRT) whenever I travel into the city, to reduce my carbon footprint. What about you?

What are you committed to?

What action steps are you taking or gonna take?

Lets take action NOW!


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Dear Priya

Life is a journey, and a journey worth living is a worth the while....

So what are you committed to creating and causing in 2010?

Stay positive...


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Hi Muslimin (if that is your real name...cool)

Firstly thank you for commenting. I agree with you, goals are there to keep us on track. Without goals, we will just drift aimlessly in a vast open sea/space.

So you got your goals, right? Have a look at where you are in your life, right now. Where are you with your goals, right now? You mention family, holiday, career. Where would you like to be? What specific actions you need to take? What kind of person you need to be so that you get what you want?

These are some questions that I have been dabbling around. Let me know what you think.

In the mean time, happy discovering. :-)