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Insults bongobill? Is that the best you can do? Make an intelligent comment! I challenge you!

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Thanks Scrungeboo!
He sounds like he enjoys being busy, but not enough to defend his pronouncements. Of course I think he couldn't defend them! (Of course I would think that!)
Psychiatry? Well that figures! They like to pretend that evil is an illness. But I'd say that all evil is a choice, as is morality, & if they're a choice then they are NOT hardwired!! Choices are "soft" not "hard". (to those of us who know what the term "hardwired" means.) Isn't that so?

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I think we're all ignorant men, & women, Patrick! Why even the apostle Peter declared himself an ignorant man, -& he was in the company of our Lord day after day.
We know some things. We all know that we shall die, & we also know that we're completely helpless to do anything about it. Some of us may doubt that there's a power in charge of our lives, but we all know that it is not us who are in charge!
Atheism is based on an acceptance of our ignorance with regard to the instruction manual for our manufacture. In other words, it's a belief that there is nothing involved in that work of creation that's of any importance!
A confidence in God is part belief & part understanding.
We UNDERSTAND that if a work is to be done there has to be something capable of doing it. We understand that if a work is a precise & specific work, the power that will do it (& it has to be a power to do work) has to do it precisely & specifically. We understand that if a precise & specific work requires competence, the power has to be capable of doing it competently! That much, we understand!
As to the nature or description of God, I'd say that's largely esoteric, but comprehensible enough to believe it.
What do atheists believe? What do they understand?

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Mysteries, by their nature, are confusing! Are you claiming to be an exception, Cogobo? Well then ,unconfuse the rest of us, please!
I'm reminded of a saying that enjoyed it's 15 mins of fame in Canada about a decade ago: If the brain was simple enough that we could understand it, we wouldn't be able to!

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You left out one of Israel's most conspicuous atrocities: They insist that they have the right to survive! But you didn't want to make that clear, did you?
"Wherever possible politics should be left out of sport, otherwise world events are finished". -T42 Of course! Isn't it one of the goals of sport to encourage the peoples of the world to come together? To set aside hostilities at least for a little time?

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It looks like I'm being censored again. My last comment didn't appear.
Here is a shorter comment.
When I was an (atheist) teenager, growing up in Belfast, I had a very liberal view of humanity. I was very certain that, someday, humankind would agree to live in peace, & cooperate to make this a better world. Why, I was even confident that catholics & protestants would do so too. I believed that because it was the sensible thing to do!
Looking back, I'd say that to be a Liberal, you absolutely have to believe in mankind.
My ensuing education over the next decade regarding the affairs of man gradually changed that youthful optimism.
It wasn't just the obvious failure of that liberal outlook in NI, that changed my POV, I could have regarded NI as a special case, an exception to the rule, it was the very obvious evil that predominated over the rest of the world, outside the English speaking world.
So great was the hatred, the oppression, the slaughters, that I would have been more likely to presume that we (humans) were hardwired to do evil.

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I hope I'm not being too presumptious when I say that your definition of the word "reality" only includes what is tangible or testable. I think there's another dimension to that term.
For instance, you are real, you have not always existed, so something created you, but there's nothing that you know about in that regard, or that you could define, that's tangible or testable!

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@ traderbam747 & Bernard29 : You both have done such a good job here, that I'm left almost speechless!
To the others if I'd say: try to understand the rules of debate protocol! Don't hurl insults! Don't say that you don't have the space to explain yourselves! If you can't explain yourselves, then you should not be partaking in the discussion! Don't tell an opponent to go off and read somebody's book! To my mind, anyone who resorts to hurling insults, is a person who has no INTELLIGENT response to offer us!
The professor had stated that morality was hardwired, and I posed a few questions on that regard, but it seems that he has no interest in answering. What about hatred, cruelty, indifference to the suffering of others, are they also hardwired, professor? Surely if all of these things are a matter of individual choices, then they are not hardwired! (Not according to the definition of that term.)
Here is a little anecdote that I believe originated with the native Indian population of Canada. Two dogs were engaged against each other in a deadly fight. Which one do you think will win? The answer: the one that is best fed.
I'd say that all human beings have the potential for morality or evil within. The one that wins is the one that they feed best. (Though, certainly there are other influences!) D.D.

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Morality is hard wired is it? How then, Professor, do you explain Hitler, Stalin, & the many other mini dictators that have caused so much of human kind to live in misery? Why weren't the nazi, the communist & Islamic philosophies, & many others, examples of that "inborn" empathy? Has research given us any answers?

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I acknowledge you have a point AMCK1976 , but it's a much simpler situation over in England, Wales, & Scotland , than in NI. In NI, as I'm sure you know, you can't separate sport, flags, politics, nationalism & religion, & maybe anything else that people might find to be offended over. Still, I have to try to be optimistic.