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did not work for iphon 3g

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Did not work

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I am not sure why your apps are not working.. if cydia crashes.. u need to red the process one more time with red snow. and it fixes it.. hope this helps

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**SOLUTION** IPHONE USERS - Anyone who is using an Iphone 2g or 3g and has accidently upgraded to 3.1.1 so simply go to your Itunes 9 or 8.2.1 and put your Iphone in DFU mode and press shift + Restore keys and locate 3.0 firmware file for your Iphone. At the end of this process you will get ERROR 1015. At this time close Itunes and open Redsnow 0.8 and run it. This Redsnow 0.8 will Hactivate your Iphone and open in normal mode. If Iphone gets stuck at end and does not reboot or you end up on Itunes logo and USB logo on your Iphone screen then press Power and Home button together for few seconds till your device reboots and then run Redsnow 0.8 again twice. And a headsup if your Cydia crashes after that then again run Redsnow for the third time. Now you will be fully Jailbroken having Cydia on your device. (But unfortunately if you are using a non-official sim like Tmobile then you cannot Unlock it using Ultrasnow, because baseband will be different.) Un-Official Sim users have to wait till Dev team announces an Unlock for 3.1. And Official Sim Users like At&t will also have no service if they downgrade from 3.1 to 3.0 .

This is what i did to bring my firmware back from 3.1.1 to 3.0.. but the baseband is preventing me from getting service. Credit goes to a user on youtube who helped me do this and it definately works. hope we get help soon. thanks guys. good luck.

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I suppose i do realize that already.... so i would have to thank you for reaffirming that with me.. unfortunately my jailbroken phone was not being recognized in itunes 9 and unfortunately i wasnt able to install itunes 8 on my computer so my last bet was to Restore and Update my Iphone with Itunes 9.. and unfortunately that screwed me over.. i am sure that does not imply that i was being LAZY.. but infact it does imply that only fools question technology.. i hope the dev team finds a solution for me and hundreds of users who are eagerly waiting for a solution to this problem.. meanwhile.. i will wait as well and wish them good luck.

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Hey guys.. i suppose i made the same mistake of update my iphone 3g with itunes and i am no longer able to use my iphone. i was able to jailbreak it and bring it back to iphone 3.0 after several attempts with redsnow 0.8 but unfortunaley i am unable to use ultrasnow to get service. i belive that my modem firmware is update. is there a way we can undo the update of the modem firmware.? pleease help.. i am without a phone now as there is no service available. thank you for you good work. hope you guys find a solution.