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Did we ever get a timeframe on the events of Broodhollow? As a denizen of the fair Saint Louis, I don't believe its decline truly began until the fifties, though the forties were also a bit rough. Note that the past ten years, in the last two particularly, have seen a burst of upward growth for the city.

Also, LACKADAISY CATS. That is all.

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There are a few things that I would've adjusted but this is far better than the comments here would imply (seriously, people, the site is called We Are Movie GEEKS; it makes perfect sense that Kill Bill would take top honors) . I personally wouldn't put Kill Bill at #1 but that's less to do with the quality of the film and more my appreciation of its roots; it's a love letter to all the best movies I've never seen, so I can't say my opinion is valid on it. I can't say I enjoyed the Lord of the Rings films that much but I also have a built-in loathing of anything with elves or dwarves. I'm glad to see Nolan getting #3 with Memento; it deserves that spot. The only other crime I can spot is Gladiator's ranking; I just do not understand why that movie gets away with being cliche, overwrought and tedious.

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I did enjoy this movie, but there a few unforgivable sins it commits. First off, I didn't like Irene Adler's character. We were supposed to assume that, in their prior encounters with Holmes, that she had tricked him and gotten away with her wits. Yet, in this movie she falls helplessly in love and does some pretty stupid stuff for such an intelligent character. That doesn't make much sense and really made the character unlikable for me. Additionally, Strong is an AWFUL actor and a poor villain. It was unwise of Ritchie to hint at Moriarty's manipulation through the whole film because that not only derailed the weak menace of Blackwood but really made me feel like I was just watching a trailer for the sequel, which will never happen. Worse of all the particular irks was the incessant flashbacks. I understand that the general moviegoing audience doesn't necessarily pick up on everything but so much of the rewinds felt like Ritchie was just really presuming an unbearable level of stupidity on the part of the audience. He was never nearly so heavy handed in Snatch or LS&2SB and to see him purposely dumb his style down for a wider audience is very frustrating since I was hoping he wouldn't.

All in all, the whole time I was watching Sherlock Holmes I kept thinking "Guy Ritchie can direct so much better than this!" But then, this was a big budget Hollywood flick and I'm sure the studio bigwigs wanted to keep it stupid so no one would have to think too hard.

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i'm not going to lie; both No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood occasionally get mixed up in my head, not because they're similar films (they could not be more different) but because they have similar titles, are both directed by critically acclaimed directors, and were released around the same time. Alas, the soundtrack for No Country for Old Men, while functional and appreciable, was not exactly "standout", not in the way the There Will Be Blood music was.

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EGADS! How did that slip by me? I am SO ashamed. No, but really, I absolutely knew who the director was, that was a blatant mistake on my part. Such is the price I pay for not having someone edit this sucker. Thanks for keeping any eye out.

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sadly, the rushed end of cycle syndrome ruins too many conceptual games like this. it's really frustrating that something as possibly exciting as this gets mangled because of rushed deadlines. on the other hand, i'm gonna give this a whirl for the atmosphere alone; rarely do games nowadays bother with subtlety and unique style.

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i was genuinely curious as to how this would turn out. i just recently heard an old radio interview of Welles talking with HG Wells about science fiction and the Martian scare. Welles was a character, and i'm also regretting having not seen more of his work. i'm kind of mistrusting of these new stars like Efron and Pattinson who aspire to be better than their image by dabbling in these little independent period flicks. glad to hear it turned out good.

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Postal Service is definitely a favorite of mine, I listen to Give Up on a pretty regular basis, and I'm really hoping Ben Gibbard reunites with Dntel soon, since I've long since lost interest in Death Cab For Cutie.

And I suppose the reason why people don't comment on much else besides the giveaways is because they're all busy posting on bigger sites like AICN or Live for Films. I'm hoping my Audio/Visual column will bring in some fresh blood. We'll see. Thanks for the feedback! (and hey, I posted the second piece, so give a look when you have the chance.)

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lotsa dudes musta failed their will saves and were lured into theaters by wily females, only to discover later what grand awfulness was in store. you fools.