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I'm too busy with speaking and thinking to take time to manicure my goatee. I am lucky that it's shape is refined only by good genes.

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Are you saying 250K wines deserve accolades? I can think of a few thousand this year that deserve distillation.

This badge meme is fun, and great to starting a conversation, but really do we need more labels on bottles, virtual or otherwise, to confuse the consumer? If this were to work each blog would get at the most 1 badge. You recommend it or you don't, then at least you can see someone gives it a thumbs up. Yet even that would be doomed to fail, if we took the 1000+ blogs we're tracking at wineblogger.info and had each one with a badge the system becomes humorous.

Most bloggers traffic is from search and when someone finds the rating or story with a badge, they either need to guess at what it means, or spend more time on the site looking for the explanation.

Someone needs to register: winebadge.org or similar and give us a standard, that could maybe affect that sale of wine. If there was one set of badges with one explanation and bloggers were given a chance to callibrate to that system you might actually change something.

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Great comments! thanks for the feedback! Little by little we'll get there!

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I would be happy with the 7d too, just need to find a donor! :)

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Great article

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yes it is a webinar, though the box is just for signing up and registering your interest...the thing goes live on the 29th!

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I personally am a bit befuddled and annoyed by all the names, and my intro tried to use as many as possible, more for the confusion than anything else.

I do not understand the terms, nor do I believe in all of them, and many are not as you state even bothering due to the bureaucracy!

That said, the opportunity the Burgundy School of Business offers is to discuss, and such we will. Who knows what will come of it...

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THank you and glad you enjoyed it!

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thanks for the kind words...we're doing our best