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Your hysteria tells me that you don't hate me for "telling lies" but for telling the truth.
Your arguments seem to depend upon the old "We're not the only ones doing this" variety. As such, you admit that Israel is stealing the Palestinians' land; do you deny this?
You quibble about the term "genocide", insisting that wholesale slaughter be implemented in any true "genocide". OK, so what happened in Gaza and Southern Lebanon (Gaza on an ongoing basis and Lebanon in 2006)? As for my inclusion of attempts to "wipe out" historical reality by claiming that it never happened (e.g. existence of Plestinian people); how would you react to Holocaust denial ?
Quite strongly, I assume. Bodkin - you need to start using real logic and facts instead of this phoney outrage, that is wearing thin.

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Israel is a totally racist monster of a country. The whole world needs to oppose its apartheid ways. As for America's slavish support; I would rather our aid money was piled up and burnt in some field.

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Israel is a lost cause. It is only a matter of time until the westernized Jews leave Israel and return to the West. The costs of making a westernized colony in the middle of Arabian culture will have proven to be too costly generating only hatred and discrimination. to no-one's benefit. The Arabic or Sephartic Jews will make accomodations with their Muslim brothers and co-exist with them as they always have before the disruption of Zionism. Zionism failed when it substituted racism for religion.

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Obama may be no DeGaulle, but America is like post-war France, bankrupt and needing to shed its empire and foreign entanglements.

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A two state solution is, as Raimondo points out, is just a prescription for endless conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians. The Zionists have reached a point of no return in their hatred and desire for annihilation of the Palestinians. The Palestinians, for their part, have accumulated a long list of grievances needing revenge; enough to last centuries. These two groups can never co-exist again as long as one is victimizer and the other is victim; one is armed and the other not. The only real solution is to dissolve Israel/occupied Palestine into one secular state where non-Zionist Jews who want to live there can safely do so and Arabs can have full rights as citizens (including right of return). America must stay involved if only to gather up the nukes and F-18s and to be willing to allow the unbending Zionists to immigrate back here.

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Speaking of retrograde fanatics, I wonder how Israel would react to an offer of a division or two of "God's Warriors" coming from John Hagee. Would they accept help from the Christian Zionists? It would be nice to see a whole lot of these Americans just show up there to help out the "chosen people" and get the kind of welcome I would expect them to get.

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Tim R,
Thanks for finally leveling with us . The truth - Zionism is an emotion usually associated with bratty toddlers - Jerusalem is OURs because we WANT it ; We HAD IT FIRST and we are NOT GOING TO SHARE.

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It is like domesticabuse - the Palestinian learned it from the Zionists; the Zionists from the Nazis.

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What is Israel suppose to mean to American Jews? Is it to be a refuge from discrimination and abuse of Jews in America? What discrimination, what abuse? If anything, Jews in America live privileged lives - they have higher than average incomes, they get very good educations (30% of the Ivy League enrollment is said to be Jewish), they are more than equally represented in our governing bodies. So what is Israel to American Jews - a second home? A condominium on the Mediterraen? The whole concept of Israel may have made sense for the displaced people of Europe after WWII, but now, it makes no sense. All of this tension, bloodshed, and hatred in the Middle East just so people who have totally Western orientation can push aside a native people to make a second home over the ashes of someone's only home. It is like the birds thinking they can make a new home for themselves in a river by driving out all of the fish.

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Speaking of the nutbar factor, Israel's most effective propaganda source in America is the pulpit of evangelical Christian churches every Sunday morning. 60 million Americans believing that Jesus holds an open return ticket to Jerusalem on El Al and will come back as soon as they clear all those Arabs off the runway.