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I'm really sorry for your loss. I can't imagine how painful it is to lose a child but i can relate to what you're doing. When my dad died suddenly a few years back because of a heart attack, we were all devastated. It was a surreal experience. I was so close to him that I can't believe I wont be seeing him or feel his hugs and kisses. But we have learned to cope, and just like you, we kept his memories alive. We don't want him to be forgotten. We cook his favorite food, sing his favorite music and go to places where he loves to go. We miss him everyday, and doing all those things is really therapeutic.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts, SN. Great post! I love it!

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I agree with you nightwish, older guys will take anything they can get, but today's frisky young girls can be as vicious as a tornado. When they are done with one man, he is left with nothing but ruins of a broken heart and empty pockets.

By the way, I checked out your blog and it was quite an experience. Your wit, unique sarcasm and satirical comments are all very engaging! I love it!

Keep it up.

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Thanks for taking time to comment in this article. Yes, in a way relationships (and everything else in life) has its downsides but i think it's not that bad. I agree with you that you need confidence and positivity to enjoy it, with this kind of attitude you will be able to see that the "downsides" can make you appreciate the "goodside". You know what they say "you can't appreciate the sweet without the bitter."

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I cannot agree more! thank you for sharing your idea, Dave. I really appreciate it! Keep in touch!


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The little girl's reaction is normal. She doesn't understand. And the easy way to vent out frustration at this age is to cry. The best thing you and your partner should do is to have a heart to heart talk with the girl. You can take her to a quite and private place that will allow all of you to share openly without prejudice from the outside. Explain to her that you love each other. There are certain truths in life which she has no capacity to understand yet but try to simplify things for her. Emphasize the importance of a happy relationship filled with love, understanding and compassion. Tell your partner to reassure the girl that her love for her will never diminish and that she will have her no matter what. At the end of the day it will all boil down to honesty. When she comes of age, she will appreciate it and will be thankful.

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Hi Max,

I really appreciate you taking time in reading my blog and enjoys it at the same time. It's people like you that really inspire me in my work.

Keep in touch!


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Hi there susan, thank you so much for taking time to read my blog. I really appreciate it. Our feelings are mutual, you are one of those people who are worth treasuring, you take time, you are sensible and you know what matters in life. I am glad that we are connected. You are one of the reasons why i love doing what i do.
Take care always, suzy!

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It is. Love is a two way street. When your both heading at different directions, having exhausted all your efforts and either one is willing to compromise and meet each other halfway. Then as much as it pains us, we have to learn to let it go. The situations we encounter is often the test of how strong our love is for one another. It could either strengthen your relationship or break you apart.

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I quiet agree with you on this. We have to once in a while be creative to keep up with our man's interest or they're likely to stray.